Monday, February 25, 2008

The Sting of Rejection and Bad Lancets

A disappointing email arrived this morning from one of the recruiters I've been speaking to. As cool as the office position with the comic book publisher sounded, as sure as I was that I would be a shoo-in (since I am a natural at multi-tasking and being creatively nerdy), I guess I just didn't have what they were looking for.

No comic book publisher job for me. This launched me into a crying fit because then the giant insecurity of "Oh no what if I don't get that other job that I really wanted??!" decided to block the sunshine over my head. I still have not heard back about this other job, but I am still trying to be guardedly hopeful.

Has anybody out there had trouble with their OneTouch lancets getting dull quickly? I mean, yes, we all know there's no such thing as truly pain-free testing (duuuhhh), but normally, my fingers are not sore, even after multiple sticks. I am beginning to wonder if I should just pitch the box--maybe I got a somewhat sub-par batch? I actually bought some fancy BD Ultra-Fine lancets today in an attempt to ease my fingertip pain! Let's be real--how often do most of us change our lancets? Not too often, in my case, until I opened this box of OneTouch brand. I think even if I changed it every day, I'd still be hurting.

Maybe I need to re-adjust my depth setting?

Sigh, what a day of ouch.


  1. Aww Hannah I'm sorry about the job. I know something perfect will come along for you eventually. There has to be a silver lining to the situation.

    As for the lancets, I'm still working on the same two boxes I've had for like a million years. So I have no idea, about that. Maybe you're just more aware?

  2. Hannah -
    Sorry about the job - something better will come along - hang in there sister!

    Regarding the lancets, I don't know what to tell ya - call the company and complain, they may actually send u a new box. It can't hurt to try!
    Kelly K

  3. Buy a multi-clix... By BD. I swear by it. This from a girl that NEVER used a lancing device. They're cheap and the boxes of lancets are cheap... And you won't have used lancets everywhere!!!

    Sorry about the job. Ugh. They're just idiots. Not hiring the ever-fabulous Hannah. Something WILL come soon.

  4. Sorry to hear about the job, Hannah. Something better will come along.

    I can't remember the last time I changed my lancet. I guess this is a good reminder for me to go do that now.

    I like Kelly's idea - maybe the company will send you a new box. Sounds like you got a bad batch.

  5. just remember, hannah, it's their loss.

    adjust the depth and buy a BD Multi clix! I have had the same lancet for too long to tell you (many, many months).

  6. So sorry to hear about the job. There is a job out there that is perfect for you just waiting for you to find it. It will happen.

    The only reason I can remember the last time I changed my lancet is because I tested my daughter. Other than that, I never change them and haven't had any "dulling" issue. Pitch them and get a new box.

  7. Hey Hannah,

    Major suckage on the job thing. Just means it wasn't supposed to happen because there's something better in store for you.

    Lancets? Change? Um...yeah. I get it, in theory, but not in practice.


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