Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dorkabetic Presents...

A Day in the Life of the Achievement Whore, as originally seen on G4tv's "Attack of the Show":

I personally enjoy the appearance of the MySpace whore at the end of the video. Contains no actual nudity, just lots of actual geekiness.

Random unrelated sidenote, actually relating to yesterday's post: I think I need to invent a drink called the Zombie Spritzer.

D-Related News of the Day:
Off to see my brand-new endo tomorrow morning. I'm not exactly sure what this will bring, but more on that tomorrow after the actual visit occurs. I have high hopes for this lady--she comes highly recommended. Gary [Scheiner, the Wonder CDE] told me that this woman is the one I want to see, but nobody else in her practice. I take that as a good recommendation, and I hope it is hassle-free. This is, after all, the practice who had me mail them a check for $75.00, which they treat as no-show insurance.

Coming tomorrow: Notes from the Endo-Ground!

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  1. That vid clip is awesome. I loved it although not a huge G4 fan. I just miss tech tv so revision3 is my home for geek tv. w00t

    gl with the N-dough. roffle!!!1!1


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