Thursday, December 13, 2007

Merry-Go-Round Massacre!

It seems over the past week, everywhere I go I come up with a title for a B-Horror flick that has yet to be made. It started with "Cannibal Club Owners", and today brought me to "The Merry-Go-Round Massacre"! On my way out Christmas shopping, I noticed one of those massive Christmas inflatables in someone's yard--a snow globe with a revolving carousel in the center. Earlier in the week, Frosty, Rudolph, and Santa were riding in circles together. Today, they are just hanging skins on a rotating post. How macabre! Hmm, anybody ever see that movie "Black Christmas"? It may have been like that.

However, over the past few days I feel like I've been on that carousel of doom. Up and down and up and down, swirly organ music is optional, but the boop-BEEP-boop of my pump should be in the background for sure. Here's how the ride plays out, in a nutshell:

DOWN: Get my period. Woo hoo, if you really want to know.

UP: Go to Curves and work out, get to chat with the ladies I always see. Come home, email, Nigel comes home, Matt comes home, and then we end up going to dinner with our friend Mike. Tasty Vietnamese/Thai food.

DOWN: Get back from dinner. Pump beeps, wants a battery. No big deal. I sit on the couch. Pump beeps again. No delivery. I resume delivery, and stand up. This thing is far from empty. No big deal. I sit down to play cards with the boys. Pump beeps again. No delivery. It seems sitting down is my actual problem, probably blocking the cannula with my innards. I excuse myself to go change my infusion set, delaying the game another five or ten minutes. End up going to bed with a high sugar at 2am.

UP: Wake up when Matt is getting ready for work around 6:30am. Check sugar. 115, but feeling like I'm dropping. I chalk it up to period-related hormonal weirdness.

DOWN: Wake up around 10am, a little sweaty, still feeling odd. Check sugar. 66. Chomp on some glucose tabs. Drink a swig of water. Get back in bed, feeling run over. Sleep 'til noon.

UP: Get up, get dressed, sugar seems steady at 94. Head out for a holiday shopping extravaganza. Stop for fast food. Nom nom nom. Hold a door for a guy at Barnes & Noble, and he thanks me profusely. That may have been the nicest thing anyone had done for him all day, because he said he probably didn't deserve it. "Of course you did," I smile at him. "Merry Christmas!" Continue smiling because I like doing nice things for people, especially at stressful times of year.

DOWN: Bend down to pick up a book in the store, and my pump tumbles out of my bra when I stand up again. Luckily my set has not pulled out at all, and there was no pain. I quickly step aside in the aisle and wind the tubing around my hand, rescuing my pump from its hanging place by my ankle. Feeling like a pile of guano when I finally exit the store, I check my sugar. 239. Ugh, somebody underbolused for that order of small fries. I correct, and move on.

UP: Shop shop shop! Watch me go! I even stop at Curves on my way back from shopping, and I am glad I didn't talk myself out of it. I'm feeling strong these days, and my swollen ankles are making an improvement!

DOWN: Low blood sugar again later at home. 82. Not low for some people, but generally I feel it.

Things could be a lot worse. In fact, I am sure they are getting better. I feel like I'm coming out of my funk a bit, and I'm definitely getting some things accomplished that I've been wanting to do. However, I may be riding the Carousel of Carb-Counting Conniptions for the rest of the holiday season! SCARY!


Or the Frosted Flakes, apparently.

Time to get back on the ride. We'll see what kind of bouncing around tomorrow holds.


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  2. Don't we love the ways that diabetes gives us our "downs"? It pretty much can try to ruin a day. But sometimes (like it sounds for you) the "ups" balance it out. Thank goodness for that.


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