Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Basal Rates! (giggle @ Kerri.)

Happy Thanksgiving, blogosphere!

I had 3 kinds of sugar-free pie, and probably more carbs than I could count. I'll be correcting until bedtime, but right now, I'm enjoying the company of others more than worrying about what goes in my belly. Next week, it'll be back to the gym--which seems odd for me to say, but I mean it this year. Whee!

Special note to d-bloggers: my mom-in-law made a chocolate peanut butter pie recipe from the DLife website! I think her fiance is leaving now, so I might get a chance to follow up on his low blood sugar situations. Should be interesting.

Tonight I get to see my "little brother", Tom. We grew up together, and we've been friends since he was 4 and I was 5. Sure, we had our rough times, but he was the best man at my wedding, and we've always kept in touch. Can't wait to hear what's new with him, and meet his new girlfriend.

All right, more coffee will be in order if I'm to last throughout the evening. I'll try my best to squeeze in another update tomorrow. It's weird to think that NaBloPoMo won't be going on for much longer. If I can make it through the holiday, I can definitely finish out the month.

Happy Turkeys to all, and to all a good night!

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