Friday, November 23, 2007

Keeping Up with the PoMos

Another day, another post.

I had forgotten how slow dial-up can be.

Tonight, Mom is taking us out for Mexican. We may rent a movie after, or something like that.

Family-wise, it's been an interesting holiday so far. More to come on that.

In good news, Dan did indeed get a glucagon kit. I'm hoping to get my mother-in-law's email address so I can share a bit of the Diabetes OC with her. If she's found a pie recipe on, it seems like the next logical step in helping her better understand her future husband's health issues. Matt's mom was always the type to devour books and information on subjects she was interested in, so it definitely couldn't hurt!

Mmmm. Splenda-sweetened cherry pie is just as tasty the day after Thanksgiving for breakfast as it was on Thanksgiving for dessert.

However, I should be off to go chow down on some burritos. Once again, I didn't expect carb counting to be remotely close this weekend, and the best thing I can do for me is avoid beating myself up over things. And corrections. Vigilant corrections. How's everyone else's holiday been?

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  1. Good news about the glucagon kit.


    i want.


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