Sunday, November 4, 2007

Return to the Land of Tax-Free Shopping

It's Sunday. I am typing this entry from the basement computer lab of the Spencer Laboratory, the engineering building at the University of Delaware. Matt is upstairs showing the doctoral student he was working with how to run the actuators on the robot. Something like that. Matt built a specific mechanism for his thesis project, and apparently nobody else could figure out how to use it.

So we road-tripped down here. I went shopping in downtown Newark (pronouned noo-ARK, as in "an ark that is brand new", and not noo-urk, like in New Jersey) and ended up with 4 books, a cd, and 3 magazines. The 4 books and a CD only cost me $20! Thank you used book/record store!

I definitely miss Delaware, my many friends who live here, the tax-free shopping and late-night liquor stores where you can buy beer AND wine AND liquor all in the same place. I also love our new home. As with any move, I just want to take all the good things from the old place and transport them to the new. At least we aren't far away.

After Matt finishes his lab business, we'll head over to our old place and pick up a couple of things we left behind (extra-long ethernet cables, oops), throw out any food that's still in the fridge, and check on the mail. Only one more rent payment to make on the place, then hopefully we'll be done throwing our money around more than, after we clean the carpets and putty the holes in the walls. Please, apartment gods, help us get our security deposit back.

And I will try to silence the worries that the whole place smells like catbox. However, Nigel never brought the thing to Pennsylvania, so I assume it's still in the living room, unscooped. I hate to spend cash for a new litter box that we won't need, but I have a feeling that old one is destined to become trash.

This has been your Sunday update. Time to scour the job boards for a while.


  1. I say a new place = new kitty litter box. Do you really want to transport that icky one in your car back to PA? :)

    Kitty will be happy for a new one. All these little (and big) moving expenses sure do add up, though. Glad you found some good buys. I love used book/music stores.

    Enjoy Delaware!

  2. What books did you get? :)


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