Friday, September 21, 2007

A Notable Achievement!

Highest glucose yesterday: 177 mg/dl, and that was probably because I had to guess at the carbs in my dinner. Red Robin doesn't exactly furnish nutrition info at the door. So that reading was before bed, but up until that point my highest reading of the day was 133 mg/dl. Woo hoo!

Now I just want to get through the weekend achieving as much as I possibly can. There's a mountain of laundry, some bills to be paid, and yes, even some shoe-shopping to be done. My current workout sneakers kind of crowd my feet. If I plan on getting more exercise, I demand more comfy shoes.

All I want to do now is to be able to banish that knot from my guts. Monday I have to break the news that I'm leaving, and it kind of breaks my heart. I know I have no choice, and they will completely understand, but I didn't want to end this job as a disappointment to my employer. Granted, I've done nothing for them to be disappointed about with the exception of leaving before I've worked here for a year, and I realize that's probably not so bad when you look at the big picture.

But it's still difficult. And it hurts to think about it. This, like all things, shall pass.

I am so proud of my husband, his new job and his soon-to-be-completed Master's thesis. I am excited to have more living space and nicer surroundings. All of that is less than a month away.

In the meantime, I will probably chew off all my fingernails before Monday. Gah. Sigh.

Happy weekend, everybody!


  1. AWESOME, Hannah!!!

    And with the stress you're under, yesterday's achievement is even greater. I'm proud :) of you...

    Good luck on Monday - deep breaths and positive thinking, right?

  2. That's great news....and don't fret too much about breaking the news. You'll feel better after Monday at 5pm. Does stress raise your bloodsugar like it does mine (mine goes sky high)?


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