Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm Clever (or, I Hope Someone Hasn't Written This Already)

The Top 5 Reasons Diabetics Are No Fun At Parties

5. A diabetic asks you to hold her purse, and you agree, but then you end up with shoulder problems. Why? You expect one of those tiny evening bags and you end up with a messenger...filled with 12 juice boxes, 2 glucose meters, glucagon kit, peanut butter crackers, glucose tabs, list of emergency numbers, extra syringes, insulin, pills, pump supplies.....

4. You get a nasty glare after asking a diabetic who's got the stash when she's told you, "Oh geez, I'm so HIGH right now."

3. Is he just a bad dancer, a bad drunken dancer, or is he having a low blood sugar? You have to figure it out.

2. Over the snack table, Diabetic Dude exercises his best pick-up line, "Hey baby, how many grams of carbs do YOU think are in that cupcake?" (Hint: Do NOT say "69", as this will only make things much worse.)

1. You're never sure what a diabetic means when they suggest,
"Let's do a shot!"


  1. I like the "Let's do a shot!" one!!

  2. LMAO. Anyone ever take you up on doin' a shot, D-life style?


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