Tuesday, April 24, 2007

From the local headlines here in Wilmington...

I wanted to share this story that was front-page of the Delaware News Journal today. Sometimes a disclosure of your diabetes, even to the youngest of your family members, is all it can take to save your life. (Note: to view the story they might ask you for a zip code and a birthdate or something...but I assure you, you won't need to actually register.)

Boys, 4- and 7-years-old, help make the call on their grandfather's hypoglycemia

2 things we can all take away from this story--make sure your family knows what to do in case of a diabetic emergency, and if for some reason you don't have a phone, make sure you know your neighbors in case you need to borrow theirs. (You might notice the comments at the end of the article made by readers who were appalled at the family's lack of a land-line telephone...)

Also, for those of you who are keeping score, Kerri is not the only one to have Quick-Set problems these past couple of weeks! I did the exact same thing this morning, and I nearly panicked. Thankfully my adhesive didn't seem nearly as stuck as Kerri's did, and my set and my blood sugar are still hanging in there. It was a 2-person job fixing it, though, with me holding the set itself and trying to hold the tape steady so as not to rip the whole thing out, and Matt pulling back on the Quick-Serter...ah, teamwork. Ah, l'amour.

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