Thursday, May 5, 2011

Springtime Sick Days

Isn't this the worst?  It's beautiful and sunny outside.  The wind is blowing gently.  The birdies are chirping.  People are smiling at one another as they pass on the sidewalk. 

I'm stuck at work.  I'm indoors, and I'm sick.  This particular virus started off with a nasty sore throat.  Now I just feel like a truck ran me over.  (If anyone has the license plate number of said truck, I'd really appreciate if you share that information with me.)

My absolute least favorite part of this bout with whatever this illness is?  It's making me feel like I am on the verge of a low blood sugar most of the time.  I'm a wee bit shaky, a little headachey, and definitely exhausted.  My BG in the middle of the night?  410.  My BG about 2 hours later when I woke up to go to the bathroom?  141.  My BG when I finally got out of bed to go to work?  74.  Finally one that matched up, but it's 328 now and I feel almost exactly the same way as I have all morning. 

This is one particular bug that should just bug off.  How are you feeling today, DOC?


  1. I am finally feeling okay actually because all that you described had been my life for the past few weeks.

    I hope you feel better soon my friend.

  2. This is pretty much how I'm feeling. I work cubicle land...and so many people are sick right now. My BGs have been on the high side though. Although today they seem to be better for no real reason. :)

  3. Wow, talk about volatility in BG's! And feeling on the verge of hypo all the time sucks (the only thing that sucks more is not knowing when it's high or low). This is one time I'm glad to be a few states away ... LOL!

  4. I have been battling a sore throat and cough lately, but the BS have been pretty good luckily. I am stuck inside at work though, so I wish I was enjoying the sun. Hang in there and keep on checking!

  5. License Number: Ecto-1

    Feel better sweetheart!


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