Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Leaves

Spring has sprung!  Well, maybe not quite yet, but it seems to be on the verge of springing up every other day or so around here.  Temperatures in the Philly suburbs are hanging around 40 or 50-some degrees.  I've seen the sun for the past few days.  Stores have stopped selling really awesome boots, or they are on clearance and all picked over.  (Has anyone wondered why there seems to be no transition from boot to sandal season anymore?)

Today, I picked up the phone and took a big step.  I called a new endocrinologist.  Now, I have no hard feelings against Dr. B, my old endocrinologist.  She is a very nice, knowledgeable woman who always listened to what I had to say, even though I was not the most vigilant about paying her visits.  Dr. B is excellent, and if you live anywhere near Plymouth Meeting, PA, hit me up if you'd like her number. 

It's just that Plymouth Meeting is a bit of a jog from my house these days, and I am not that impressed with the rest of Dr. B's practice.  They never made reminder calls for my appointments, which would have been nice considering they were all scheduled about 4 months out.  They always seemed to be running behind schedule.  Then today, I recalled another problem I've had frequently--I can call their office and get a busy signal!  All the other doctors I see will give you a voicemail, or have you remain on the line until someone can take the call.  If Dr. B could move into a different, more friendly practice near where I live, I would gladly go back, but the group she practices with as a whole just is not meeting my needs.

Enter Dr. M.  I have not yet met Dr. M, but my awesome family doc, Kate, recommended her to me.  Of course, I hemmed and hawed over whether I should call and make an appointment.  This would also mean owning up to the less-than-stellar lab results that will surely come in.  Sure, I know the whole point is to improve, but don't you feel guilty of bad A1C's regardless?  I certainly do.  I waited to call, and waited and waited.

Two weeks ago, my colleague at work, who has Type 2 stopped by my desk for a chat.  We have diabetes chats sometimes--pancreatically challenged buddies have to stick together, right?  He told me about this new endo his doctor sent him to, and how awesome she was.  "She's right down the road," he said, "and she's almost fresh out of medical school.  She and I sat together for an hour and talked about my history, my goals, everything.  She's really great!"  Of course, I ask her name, and he answers that it is Dr. M, the same woman I've been considering for almost two months now.

That sold me.  Today, I finally managed to call the office and make an appointment.  April 5th will be my triumphant return to the endocrinologist.  I am so overdue.  Do you ever put off doctor's visits?  I certainly can't be alone in this.


  1. I have gone once a year to general practioners or internists for years...but I go to an endo for the first time in 7 years this next month. They make me wait HOURS there and then the doc is in and out. So I hate the office but, I'm not in a big city so that building is where my opportunities to see a darn endo lie. You're definitely not alone.

  2. Good job! Lately I have been considering getting in touch with a new endo. Everyone says mine is wonderful and she is, but every now and then I'm not sure if she is the right one for me. I commend you for gathering up the courage to make the call!

  3. I put off doc's visits way too much... Actually, I've improved my endo visits in the past year and have gotten much better going every three months. Just have slacked on other docs, like my general practicioner and eye and dentist. Hope it goes great with Dr. M in April!

  4. personally, i fret clinics. as for my dad who has diabetes, he did not start well in regard to doctor visits. that was when we had tremendous problems as a family. we're getting by now. he's got a regular endo.


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