Monday, December 27, 2010

Following the Holiday Whirl, Our Author Checks in with The Readers.


I definitely burned out on blogging after blogging every single day in November.  Then December just started getting out of hand.  There was Christmas shopping and work obligations and a profound sense of not knowing what to do with my life.

Surely, if I had it all figured out by now, I would let you know.

I had a great Christmas.  Everyone seemed to be in excellent spirits despite any circumstances.  For example, my mother's kitchen faucet broke and she couldn't wash dishes for two days except for in the bathroom sink.  On the upside, the plumbing isn't too bad of a repair, I didn't think, plus she got a nice windfall this year so her gift to herself is going to be a dishwasher for the house.  Good things, all.

As for me, I got a new backpack, a really big crock pot (nom nom homemade soup will be made), Plants vs. Zombies for the 360, Just Kids by Patti Smith (can't wait to read it), kitchen odds and ends, and a ton of other fun stuff, including a shiny new pair of snow boots, which I needed upon my return to suburban Philadelphia.  At least we didn't get as much snow out here in Chester/Montgomery County as they did in Center City Philly or New Jersey.

Now I need to get through this 3-day work week and prepare for 2011.  This may include preparing to start a graduate level class on January 4th.  At least I hope it does...but more on that later.  I had a long, fun weekend, but with so much running around it wasn't exactly relaxing.  Time to kick back.  It's WAY too early to go to bed.


  1. The best Christmas is the one where everyone is happy. Who cares about presents and money and all that. Happiness is where it's at!

  2. Got dinner cooking in the crock right now and your mention of home made soup has my belly grumbling! Merry Christmas! (albeit, belated).


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