Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Type 2s Pumping It Up?

My co-worker called me this morning not long after I came upstairs after working the reception desk.  "Can I see you in my office for a minute?  About something personal?"

"Sure thing."  It's nothing new for the two of us to sit around and talk.  We have a pretty friendly office.  I plopped down in one of the chairs in front of his desk.  "So in three minutes or less, tell me everything you can about your insulin pump."

My co-worker and I have talked diabetes before, but now his doctor is insisting that he get an insulin pump for tighter control.  I believe there is also some suspicion that he does not actually have Type 2, but may be more of a Type 1.5 or a case of LADA.  Either way, he is trying to prepare himself mentally for the task of possible pumping.  I gave him a short overview of what I like about it; I tried to address some of the usual questions quickly, like "Do you take it off to sleep?  What about when you shower?"

From what he's described to me, I think a pump is going to work wonders for him as long as there's not a steep learning curve in terms of programming. 

Are there any Type 2's with insulin pumps out there?  Are there any sites or resources I can share with my co-worker?  Let me know!


  1. I know type 2s who pump. But often insurance wants to see a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes before paying for one.
    Two other issues with type 2s and pumping that I have heard about are: needing a large amount of insulin and the reservoirs being small, and that if you need U-500 insulin, the pumps generally won't acknowledge that that's what you're using.

    Here's are people on tudiabetes with type 2 on pumps:

    And a forum topic:

  2. My new endo and I are just starting a process to get me on a pump. They feel pretty certain that I'll be able to get one, but the basis is pre-conception.

    Also, as Jonah mentioned, type 2's tend to need more insulin due to the resistance, and the reservoirs are small. I would be going with the Paradigm Revel based on the 300 unit reservoir for that reason.

    Even with the pre-conception bonus that I get, my endo says that they try to get their T2's on a pump as often as insurance will allow, because it IS such a big help, so I'm not surprised that your co-workers doctor is doing the same, even if he doesn't end up with an LADA diagnosis.


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