Friday, November 19, 2010

More Pokes, Less Ouches: The Multiclix

I purchased an Accu-Check Multiclix lancing device, and while I don't have a huge write-up about it prepared yet, I would definitely like to say that I'm really enjoying it.  It makes the lancer that comes with the One-Touch Mini seem like a guillotine. 

Thanks to the d-blogosphere, I have finally upgraded to a lancing device that doesn't suck.  I know tons of blog friends consider them a cult favorite among lancing devices.  It seems strange saying that something pointy that makes your fingers bleed could be a "favorite" at all.  For the record, yes, it still hurts sometimes, but it doesn't thud into your finger like some lancing devices do.  Perhaps I'll check back in about it after using it for a week or so.

In the meantime, glucose-check time just because a little less ouchy.


  1. I am glad you enjoy using the multiclix. I LOVE IT!

  2. yay! I don't feel as silly when I see posts like this, which is what I usually feel when I tell someone how awesome this device designed to poke me is!

    I requested and received the Aviva as my free meter though my insurance, based on the fact that it came with the Multiclix. Since then I've moved to OneTouch meters but the Multiclix stays with me! It doesn't fit into the case with the UltraMini very well but I manage becuase gosh darn it.. I like it!

  3. @Lynn -- Do you have a flap pocket on the back of your UltraMini case? I have a flap that closes with velcro, and it slides in there just fine. :)

    @Cherise -- Honestly, I never thought I could be somewhat impressed by a lancing thing. I was impressed enough that I felt like writing about it!


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