Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Game is Afoot!

Today, I am just here to say that the hunt is on.  I think it is high time to find a new endocrinologist.  Now, don't get me wrong, my current endo, Dr. B, is actually a really nice lady.  She's really helpful when I go in for checkups.  Yet thanks to the practice she is a part of, I have issues.

First of all, they never make reminder calls.  Ever.  I've even checked to make sure they have my phone number on file, and they have it.  It's correct.  Perhaps I should just keep better track of my own appointments by logging them on Google Calendar or putting appointment cards somewhere where they're easy to find, but all of my other doctors (GP, psychiatrist, gynocologist) have made reminder calls.  Why not the doctor who should be most important to me?  Also, since they charge a $25 missed appointment fee, I'd REALLY like to know when I'm supposed to be there.

Second, I usually arrive to my appointments right on time.  Then I end up waiting a minimum of 20 minutes for the nurse to even call me back for the weigh/measure/blood pressure rigamarole.  That's a minimum.  Often, I am trying to get back to work after an appointment.  People tend to talk if you have been gone for two hours in the middle of the day for a doctor's appointment that is only a few miles away.  Also, the current endo's office is somewhat closer to where I work, while all my other doctors and my dentist are very close to my home.  It's inconvenient for me to make morning appointments at my current endo's office because it's a distance to travel without traffic, and the morning rush in that area can be harrowing.

Last but not least, all of these annoyance factors combine to keep me from going to the endo's office at all.  I have not been to see her in over six months because I just get frustrated at the practice itself.  Dr. B hasn't done anything wrong.  I really wish that I could just transplant her to my neighborhood in an office where she's the lone endo.  She was even recommended to me this way: "Dr. B is great!  But don't bother seeing anyone else in her practice."  I think she just needs to get out and find a practice of her own, but until that day comes, I think I'm endocrinologist shopping.

Have you ever had to "break up" with an endocrinologist you've otherwise liked?  [I'm thinking for a reason other than moving.  I switched endos' offices when I moved from Delaware to Pennsylvania, obviously.  That was a natural transition.]


  1. good luck! I have had to switch endos quite a lot. My best advice would be to know what you want and don't just settle! I was not taking care of myself and switched endos, but I felt like because I was in poor control I just should just accept a bad endo, but NO! You should not! There is no reason to have a bad endo!

  2. Hannah, I went to a new endo a few years ago largely because my insurance plan changed and my old endo was no longer in-network and there was no out-of-network coverage benefit with the plan so I had no other choice. But in hindsight, even though I liked my former endo, I had very similar issues and the office staff was downright rude. I later learned that is often the sign that a practice has grown too big, too fast (when you have to wait for an available exam room, that's the first clue) and I also discovered that not every practice is like that. In hindsight, I wish I hadn't waited so long to switch, but it's a pain to move and get re-acquainted with someone else, so I see why many choose not to do it. But you may be pleasantly surprised by your new endo!

  3. Yes - I've switched for a non-move. I looked on my insurance plan for who else was covered, made an appointment, and just stopped going to the old one.

    The office staff at the old office ruined it for me, but I liked my endo so I was putting up with it. When she left the practice (pregnant with twins and had 3 kids already) I left too.


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