Thursday, October 7, 2010

No D-Day: Baby Talk

I hope that bird's bringing a fancy new job or a book manuscript.
 What I want to do or have not yet done with my body is my business, but as small talk, as a happily married woman, so many people always bring up the subject of babies with me.

"So when are you starting a family?"

"So when are you due?  Oh how far along are you?  Squee!"  I'm not.  I'm just kind of chubby in the middle.  Haven't you ever seen an empire waist top on someone who's NOT pregnant before?  Like that skinny hipster girl at the coffee counter with us waiting on a latte?  Why is it usually total strangers who are asking me if I'm pregnant? 

"Do you have any kids?  Why not?  You should start now while you're still young!"  

And most recently, "I'm not rushing you, Hannie Ellen, but whenever you're ready, I'm ready to be a grandmother."  Thanks, Mom.  I know it's only because you love me.

I'm here to set the record straight today.  I like kids.  They're adorable, and I really do think I want one, but no more than two of my own someday.  Someday being the operative word here.  The time, for Matt and I, is not now.  I have a house that I am terrible at keeping clean, and I don't own it.  I have a job that I'm not always pleased with and a wandering eye for a career opportunity that I am passionate about.  I have a husband who needs to complete his Masters' thesis.  I am enjoying being in my late 20's, having fun, making new friends, going on adventures.

I am just at the age where a number of my friends are starting to have children.  I even have a few friends now who already have toddlers.  I am growing accustomed to being around the wee ones, trying to take on a fun, sassy, goofy aunt role to the kids who are coming into my life.  I'm good at reading stories out loud, playing with Play-Doh, dancing and watching Batman.  (See also: video games, comic books, drawing stick people, knowing songs from Sesame Street and Yo Gabba Gabba.)  I'm nervous about disciplining other people's kids.  I don't like having to yell at anyone, let alone a little one who may not listen to me, and I don't want my friends to take issue with the way I've treated their children.  It hasn't been a problem, but it always makes me nervous!

And that thing I have that is not to be named today?  You know, that health condition I talked about in yesterday's post?  We all know that doesn't make things easy either in terms of future pregnancy.  I have a lot of work to do on that front.  But it can be done.  And done well!  But this thing that must not be named today?  Totally not the reason for this post.

I think kids are all right.  Just not for me right now.  I've got time to figure it out. 


  1. I know we've discussed this one, but I just have to give you props here in public. I'm lucky that in all of her craziness, my mother NEVER pressures me about grandkids (mostly because she has basically adopted someone else's.) And my dad...well, the only reason he agreed to have a kid of his own was that the other option presented to him was to get a puppy.

  2. Boundaries! People just don't respect them.

    Take your time, when it's time, it's time!

    Dude, can I bug you to add this to the No D-Day blogroll at


  3. As a T1 mom-to-be I think it's important that you know when you're ready. People will always give you their opnions (and trust me, it doesn't stop when you get pregnant!), so it's great the you're confident in your choices!


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