Monday, October 18, 2010

Let's Meet the Marketers!

In the interest of disclosure, tomorrow afternoon I will be making my debut conference appearance at Digital Pharma East in Philadelphia.  I'm excited, and of course a bit anxious.  I do hope that whatever I end up saying onstage has resonance with the conference attendees.  I hope to make some great networking connections as well. 

And I hope to have a fun time doing it.  I'm sure having Allison there with me is going to help a bunch, too.  She mentioned this same conference a few days ago.  Also, have you read her post from today in regards to the dumbing down of diabetes? It's totally worth checking out.  And heck, while we're on the subject of social networking and ePatient experiences, go read Kerri's post from today and ask yourself, "Are blogs going the way of the Dodo?"  Will they be overshadowed by Twitter and Facebook?  I, for one, don't believe that they are or that they will be.

How do I know?  I specifically sat down to create this blog post and voila!  Here you go, world. 

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