Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Bicycle, Part 2: The Simile/Metaphor

So the other day, I told you all about my bike riding lesson.  I was scared to get on, but I stuck with it, even through the tears and fears.  (But not Tears for Fears. I was not listening to 80's music at the time.)
Caution: Watch for diabicycles!

Yet all of this has got me thinking.  I've spent 20 years with diabetes, and trying to manage it is a lot like learning to ride a bike.  It's scary.  It's something you most likely really want to do, and other people make it look so easy.  Then you find out it's not easy, and takes a lot of practice, then no matter how much you practice, you still take a tumble now and then.  Sometimes your tumble scrapes you up a little.  Sometimes it's more serious than that. 

Unlike a bicycle, I can't say diabetes is something anybody ever wants, and you certainly can't put a shiny new bell or a cute, squeaky horn on your diabetes.  Diabetes would definitely be more festive with some streamers on the handlebars or a few baseball cards tucked into its spokes. 

Often, you don't get training wheels for diabetes.  You're typically pushed down the steepest hill and told to hold on.  Whatever you do, don't stop balancing.  Don't know what that means, exactly?  Too bad.  You'll have to learn.  Pedal, pedal, pedal.  Oh sure, you can stop, put your feet on the ground, extend the kickstand; however, this isn't learning how to ride. 

Must the same as riding a bike, diabetes isn't something I've ever totally mastered.  I've had better A1c's than bike-riding skills, but the A1c's have never been flawless either.  Probably only close to great a few times in my life.  Luckily, I have excellent CDEs whom I can call on to give me some diabicycle lessons.  I just have to get over the fear that I haven't been so great at riding the d-bike lately.  It'll only take a phone call and my courage, not to mention practice and persistence. 

So, what does your diabicycle look like?  I think mine is a vintage Stingray painted candy apple red, maybe with some custom decals that say "Apply Sample".  It might also have some streamers, but it definitely has a goofy horn.

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  1. Hannah, this is a wonderful metaphor! I love it!

    Don't know how to balance? Tough shit, you'll get banged up, but will figure out how to not die pretty quickly.

    Looking good while riding the diabicycle? That's a whole different story, right? :-)


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