Monday, March 29, 2010

Guest Post on DiabetesMine Today (and other writing super-action)

I am trying not to be all puffed up with pride, but I can't help myself. I keep talking about how I want to do more writing, and I am the guest blogger at DiabetesMine today! What about?

It's about how it feels to take a lot of insulin.

See that canister? Load 'er up, boys, Hannah needs a bolus!!

Add ImageAlso, on the "I Am Going to Be an Internet-Famous Writer" tip, you will be finding my writings over at Paper Spaceships on a soon-to-be really regular basis. It feels good being back in the nerdy pop-culture business again. My piece on successful (and unsuccessful) movie snark went up yesterday.

I hope this is a sign of many things looking up. Happy, positive, awesome things.

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  1. Loved your diabetesmine post Hannah! And YES! Here's to many happy, positive, awesome things! :-)


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