Friday, February 12, 2010

Sweets for the Sweet.

It's almost Valentine's Day. This is your annual public service announcement to remind you to bolus for all those extra carbs you're going to be consuming in that pint of ice cream you're eating yourself because you hate Valentine's Day, that massive dinner plus dessert with your sweetie, or that box of chocolates that your friend got for you.

As for me, I will be extra-bolusing for days, as Saturday is my birthday, then Sunday is Valentine's Day, then next week Matt is going to take me out for a nice dinner, since this weekend is just too hectic to squeeze in a dinner. We were going to do the dinner BEFORE my birthday, but Tuesday I was sick, and Wednesday and Thursday brought on that infamous East Coast rapper you've sort of heard of, the SNO-torious B.I.G.

Bolus bolus bolus! Eat some chocolate! Bolus some more!

And remember to always be grateful for all the loves in your life, whether they are dates, significant others, friends, spouses, or family members. Feel the love! Happy Valentine's Day, blogoverse!

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