Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sticky Sweet, but Not Good to Eat

This has to be one of the worst feelings in the world.

I'm sure many of us with diabetes have been here before: your entire body is immediately sluggish, your mind foggy, maybe your eyes blur. The tongue is stuck to the roof of the mouth, and no amount of water seems to help.

You test your BG, and it's high. Maybe a little high, maybe really, really high. Maybe it's "oh shit the meter isn't even going to clock this as a number so now I just need to guess and take some insulin" high.

Times like this, I wonder if our blood really does resemble syrup, sludging slowly through our veins. I wonder if I'd be more appetizing to a vampire as a dessert than a main course.

Even when I feel like I'm a slow-moving human tar pit, heavy with exhaustion, I can still smile about things.

Like whether the vampire would want any toppings for his dessert. I am not partial to people with sprinkles, but whipped cream, on the other hand...


  1. What's this thing going on with vampires in the DOC? Kerri has been reading the Twilight series, my recent Blogabetes post compared "your/my diabetes" to the "vampire" part of TV vampires, and now you're thinking about being vamp bait...

  2. My entire weekend was filled with fighting off syrup blood.

    I always hope vampires fill up on salty people and don't have room for Diadessert. :)

  3. It's interesting you mention this, as I posted about a diabetes educator's tools called glucose wands which aim to demonstrate why glycemic control is important. Of course, the blood doesn't really resemble corn syrup, but it does make the platelets "sticky" which is what the HbA1c (glycosated hemoglobin) measures, so if it works in helping people to understand, then maybe the metaphor works!

  4. I too wonder if the blood thickens up and stuff - it sure feels like it!

  5. Twilight vampires are sparkly and romantic. Buffy vampires (with a couple of good exceptions) are ugly and angry. I would guess that anybody looking for a dia-dessert would just look hungry and cranky. ;)

  6. Do you think your blood sugar levels have to do with misquitoes? They're kind of like vampires, and they avoid me. I wonder if it's because I'm not sweet enough. That might be a bonus [meaning to say, I've convinced myself that's a bonus of this disease ;-)].

    nice post. I hate that feeling...especially when I don't know why I feel that way!

  7. mmm.I'm thinking of the Bee Gee's song !


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