Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Shorty....

Tired today. No real reason. Recovering from a crazy weekend, I suppose, which included a movie, a party, brunch with leftover party friends, and plenty of Soul Calibur 4.

My "duh" diabetes moment of the day:

In the car on the way home, I disconnected my insulin pump as there was a blockage detected which I aimed to fix when I got back to the house. My BG was okay, I wasn't about to worry about it since relief was 15 minutes up the road. I placed the disconnected pump where I always place my techno-gadgets when driving--in my cup holder.

Then, unthinking, I placed my cell phone right next to it in the same side. Something started vibrating, and I reached for the phone, thinking Matt was actually returning my call about dinner, only to realize it was just my pump reminding me I had disconnected.

Ain't technology grand?


  1. As long as you didn't pull your pump up to your ear and start talking to it....

  2. Scott--yeah, that also crossed my mind and I laughed pretty hard.


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