Monday, August 4, 2008

Eat Some More Pills, Pillhead.

I have never quite understood the people who refuse to take medications because they don't want to have "all those chemicals" or what have you in their bodies. Recently, an acquaintance of mine mentioned that she might have to have her wisdom teeth out soon, but she wasn't really into taking medication, so she was wondering if she could bear it without the painkillers. She worries about taking medications because of her family's history of drug & alcohol addiction and abuse, which I suppose is a great reason to not drink, do drugs, or maybe avoid heavy use of prescription painkillers.

However, and isn't there always a however when I get on these bloggy rants, she won't even take over-the-counter meds for the same reasons. She's just uncomfortable with getting in the habit of putting chemical stuff in her body. Yeah, it sounds noble, but the poor girl has migraines and really terrible acid reflux when she eats acidic foods. She takes nothing, and then proceeds to sit around looking miserable. All because she seems afraid of actually becoming dependent on Excedrin or Pepcid.

I also get really annoyed by people who only trust natural medicine exclusively (hey, supplements can definitely do some good, but you don't want them alone) as well as people who refuse to take their children to doctors because "God intended this to happen".

You know what? Medication exists for a reason, and I wouldn't be alive without it. It's not just the diabetes either--I had a lot of sinus infections and strep throat as a kid. I absolutely cannot identify with those who refuse to take it, and I never have been able to sympathize with people who won't even do the smallest amount of work to ease their own suffering.

Oddly enough, while writing this post, the song "Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine" by The White Stripes has come on the ol' iTunes.

I wonder how those who are anti-medication look at me. If you knew me today, and you decided those who fill their bodies with "needless" chemicals are in the wrong, are you trying to tell me that you'd have preferred I died in the throes of DKA years ago? Medicine has pretty much given me my whole life, so don't come around me saying that maybe I should JUST drink herbal tea for those PMS cramps, or that I should just tough out my pain.

I'm a human who has good faith in science. So give me some Tylenol already, because this rant has given me a headache. Look, if there happens to be some insulin out there that you don't feel like taking, send it my way. I'd appreciate it, thanks.


  1. I had a huge email argument with someone once, who was a strict vegan. He refused to take meds that had been tested on animals. I asked him what he would do if one of his kids was diagnosed with diabetes - would he refuse the insulin because it had been tested on animals? He said he didn't know. Didn't know???

    Yeah, that was pretty much the end of that email friendship. Give me a friggin' break. Don't know. If your kids come before animal testing? That is just f*cked up.

  2. I can't understand it, either. It always boggles me that people judge me because I take a lot of medications, like it's the medication making me sick. Well, they didn't see me *before* the medication.

    I also don't understand people who complain about their medical problems, which are totally treatable, but they don't want to take medication because it's some kind of moral failing or something. I try, but I don't understand it.

  3. I feel the same way! MY BF is anti meds...but not me! MY kids get tylenol and pepcid every time they complain!

    My dad was just diagnosed with esophageal cancer with a very low chance of surviving 5 years - like 10%...why, you may ask? Acid Reflux - not smoking, not drinking, not unhealthy living - just a refusal to take Pepcid. Now - he is really pumping his body full of chemicals.

  4. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Love your blog and sense of humor. I agree with the med vs natural statement. I sometimes try both, but I would not try to replace my Metformin, anti-depressants and especially my estrogen patch. My mom was bi-polar and addicted to legally prescribed drugs. The last thing I want to do is to get "hooked", but have no problem asking for drugs when needed.


  5. So with you. Had to LOL at your line "give me some Tylenol already, because this post has given me a headache."

  6. robcholcomb6:04 PM

    I like the comment made that they don't see me before the meds. After 9 surgeries on my stomach if I don' take my vicoden, and use my two day Fentanyl pain patsc they don;t see me at all. I can't get out of bed or move. I didn't choose this condiyion butI don't think herbal tea or smelling roses will help me

  7. Michelle1:58 PM

    Wow, well said. I agree completely. I get frustrated by the same thing. And I always want to ask those people who don't want to put "all those chemicals in their body", well, do you know what's in everything you're eating? Do you know how many chemicals are in some of the sorry excuses for food that you eat? Well then don't get all high and mighty about medications just because you can resist taking meds more than you can resist the urge to eat certain things.

    Michelle, fellow type 1 diabetic


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