Thursday, May 1, 2008

Eat Your Heart Out, Captain Vegetable!

Some random YouTube-ing today led me to find something that filled me with incredible joy. Being a person in my twenties, sometimes it doesn't seem that far off that I was watching the kids' shows of yore. I'm old-skool, yo--I watched Sesame Street long before Elmo was the main attraction. One of my first words was actually Grover! Of course, I loved Grover, and Bert & Ernie, all the musical bits, and naturally, all the general Muppet wackiness. Case in Point: Captain Vegetable!

So, randomly, I found footage of a kids' show that's on Nick Jr. currently called Yo Gabba Gabba!, and I was immediately taken by the bright colors, the quirky humor and most importantly the way it drew me in as a grown-up. I don't have any kids of my own, but I am pretty certain that a lot of grown-ups feel the same after watching a lot of preschool shows as they do when they have too much saccharin. Let's face it--no grown up looks forward to Barney, except for the fact that it keeps their kids quiet for half an hour.

It's totally goofy, yet full of people who interest me, for example, I found a clip with Elijah Wood teaching a silly dance (sorry, not called "The Frodo") along with a clip of The Shins singing a song about being a good sport. And ultimately, being a person who enjoys ska music, I nearly shot some diet Coke out of my nose upon viewing this clip:

I dare you to NOT smile after watching that. Come on, people, there's a banana playing a saxophone in a toybox!

That right there is a video that'll help young Rudy stop his messin' around and straighten him right out.

Say huh? Ska what? You're confused? Watch this video by The Specials:

Phone Call Watch Update: Nada. Silly company. As I said yesterday, whatever. I'm over it. If they call, cool. If they don't, I've still got backups!


  1. You-Tube Rocks!
    Forget the silly little company, you would be an asset to have as an employee!

  2. Oh, you sent me back in time! I love the Specials!!

  3. haha woooww... i haven't seen yo gabba gabba yet. my nephews love the wiggles. it doesn't get more mindless than that!

    and yep, i'm in pa, just south of nowhere, BFE. :)


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