Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Post #180...on ice!

Wow, 180 postings so far. Not bad, considering how sporadically I update this thing sometimes.

For those of you curious from yesterday, no, the stupid phone call still did not come. I still have until about 6pm to get the call, but it would be even MORE stupid if the call didn't come this week. I was promised. Grrr.

In happy diabetes-friendly news, if you live in one of the many eastern states where you can find Rita's Italian Ices, you already know how tasty they are, and how guilty you can feel eating them. However, Rita's now has a few different varieties of sugar-free ices! They're not entirely carb-free, as they contain some kind of sugar alcohol, but according to the nutritional info on their website, they all clock in at just under 6 grams of carbs a cup, no matter what cup size you get. There are mere fractions that separate the carbs in a regular from the carbs in a large.

I happened to get myself a regular-sized SF cherry today and brought it home. Looking up the number of carbs, I did a little happy dance for how few I found there. I wished I had bought a larger size, but shrugged it off and happily chowed down.

Oh water ice, you make me very happy.

Now if only the phone would ring.


  1. I heart Rita's sugar free or not, it's just mighty delicious. Good luck waiting on that phone call!

  2. Don't tell anyone, but Rita's water ice is the reason I moved to the East Coast.

  3. Allison spoke of Italian Ice and I am ready to get to East Coast just to try it!

    We can't take the suspense!!!! RING PHONE RING!!!

  4. I have never had Rita's sugar-free water ice and I'm East Coast, born and bred.

    I have had Del's Lemonade, though. It's not sugar-free, but it's the unofficial drink of Rhode Island and very, very tasty.


    Hope your phone rings soon, girl!!


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