Thursday, March 13, 2008

Return of the Revenge of 14 Days of Dex

This DexCom Seven business is not always easy. Yesterday I ended up calibrating the thing 3 times in a row before dinner. I thought I was going to have to calibrate a 4th time, but it decided to function properly.

I calibrated before bed, then the thing pulled a similar trick to the dinnertime fiasco. I decided to let my one calibration be enough, after all, it sprung back to life with a little time. Well, it wasn't enough. I didn't have a single reading from probably 1am to 7am, when Matt left for work. I checked my blood, I recalibrated. This time, the DexCom cooperated.

At night, I've determined I'm probably going to have to clip the receiver to my PJs or something. It doesn't take well to resting far away from the sensor. I think it gets lonely. Maybe it gets jealous of the insulin pump?

At least I have a charger that's working properly now. Later today, I'll be "swapping" out my sensor. That really means I'll be tricking the receiver into thinking I've changed sensors. It's just going to be that same one. We'll see how that goes. Sigh.

So, readers, what do YOU want to know about wearing a DexCom? Maybe I can answer some questions, or at least provide you with more of my own opinions. Comment away!


  1. Hannah -

    I tried one last year & had and allergic reaction to the waterproof
    covering. How's that working for u?

    Do u hear the alarm when your sleeping, or do u sleep right through it?

    Also - I need your email so we can plan a diabetesalciousnessdorkabetic evening. My email's on my blog.

  2. I'd like to know how you feel about wearing the sensor. Is the size too big? How well does it stick? Does it seem bulky? Does it bounce around?

    I'd also like to know how you feel the numbers compare to your finger stick readings. In other words, how accurate is it?

    Have you used the software? What's it like?
    I hope you are gaining some valuable information!


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