Thursday, January 10, 2008

What's a Sussy?

I have asked this question in recent days, but it turns out that a sussy is basically a surprise package that someone mails to you for no good reason at all.

So Amylia and Beth of the DiabetesOC have decided to start the new year off with a Sussy Circle! Do you want to brighten the day of somebody out there who has been touched by diabetes? If you are a member of the Diabetes365 group or if you've got a D-Blog, and you'd like to find out for yourself what the heck a sussy is, you can join the circle too!

Go check out this entry on Amylia's blog, Amazing Grace, for more info. I'm signing up, because who doesn't like real, genuine mail?

In other news, I'm still somewhat sick, but starting to feel better. I had big plans to go out to the library today since my card finally arrived in the mail, but I'm enjoying some relaxing, lazy downtime instead. The library will be open until 9, so there's still time to make it out.

I have not yet fulfilled my goal of more exercise in the New Year because of this blasted virus, but can you blame me for not wanting my workout to result in more coughing fits than health benefits? Before this came on, it was the UTI pain. I want to be healthy so I can go work out, dammit. They're calling me to ask where I've been!

However, I made an appointment with Gary Scheiner. In two weeks, I hope that maybe I can start turning over that "new leaf" that everyone is so excited about these days. Maybe I am closer to achieving some of my goals than I realized.

I take it one day at a time. I'm still waiting to hear about some job stuff, as usual. What a tricky time of year to get anything accomplished! I'm wondering if I'm lucky that I made it to Aldi yesterday for a few groceries.

Anybody else find their motivation is in hibernation?


  1. :( Sorry you're still sick. What is it with this last wave of cold / viral gunk that it's hanging on to everyone so long? No fun! Get better right away!

    And thanks for spreading the word about SussyCircle! We have more than 20 folks so far, so it should be an awesome D party!! :)


  2. Sorry to hear that you're sick, too! Man, it's going around, big time! I have been so inactive, barely MOVING since the New Year because of being sick. I am going to my first ever Weight Watchers Meeting tonight, so I hope that will help get me on track, too.

    Thanks for the sussy circle shout out! Yay! I'm glad you're joining the happy d-life madness!

  3. You have ALL got to start feeling better very soon!
    Take care.

  4. Motivation is definitely in hibernation. Especially at work, but also in terms of exercise and figuring out what the hell is going on with my blood sugars.

  5. Hi Hannah,
    I think everybody's in a little bit of hibernation right now. Maybe it's because the holidays are over, the weather is dreary here, and I think everyone is sick. Yuck! Hope you're feeling better soon! I think the sussy thing will help. I'm excited about it!

  6. I am lucky that my goals (not resolutions) for 2008 and further are kicked into high gear. I would expect it but I should start pumping very soon, I am increasing my exercise by joining a volleyball league and I am keeping a food log of everything I eat. I will happily say that I am ahead of the game on my goals. Lets hope that I can keep it up.

    Hope that you can break out of the hibernation and get better.

  7. Yes. I can't get my butt up to do anything when I'm sick. I really need to get restarted at work but I can't find the motivation to get back. I just want to do school and sleep. I hate being sick. Here's to everyone feeling better.


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