Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sofa King.

That, my friends, is a name of a store around the corner. Sofa King Furniture. Don't say it too fast, or it's the R-Rated Furniture store. Or maybe it's only PG-13 if you say it once? It's located next to a place called the Impact! Thrift Store, which is also hilarious because the word "impact" in the logo is actually done in Impact FONT. So, Thrift Store, which came first, the store name or the font name?

It's been a furniture-filled Saturday. We rented a truck and headed to New Jersey to pick up our dining room table from my uncle's old place. We also got the other items we had saved for ourselves...a pantry cabinet, a shelf my grandfather made a few years back, and a sideboard of sorts for the dining room. We also claimed the wooden bench that had been on the front porch. Our side porch is kind of spare on seating at the moment. We can at least start looking civilized.

I have started closing our blinds at the new place. We still have a lot of junk, and a lot of stuff still in boxes, so I don't want our neighbors looking in and thinking terrible things. Our next-door-neighbor seems okay. He brought me up to speed on some things the local homeowners' association gets picky about, and of course, these our things our landlord hadn't mentioned. So, no putting out the trash before 9pm the night before collection day. We might have to have our cars registered, and we might need to weed the flower beds out front. Hopefully our landlord will just take care of this FOR us, because they probably should have in the first place.

We'll also be replacing our locks, since the only functioning keys we have operate only the deadbolt on the front door. We have one other key that operates the 2 doorknob locks and the deadbolt on the back door, but I've had 2 different sets of copies made at 2 different stores, and neither of the sets of copies works on the other 3 locks. This screams REPLACEMENT! But we think we'll just buy some new locks and send the landlord a receipt and an explanation. Hopefully she'll knock a few bucks off of next month's rent.

Time to move the furniture in! Hope your weekends are going well. Look for yet another post tomorrow! I'm out of control!


  1. that is SOFA KING ridiculous that your neighbors are giving you a hard time about the trash being out before 9pm. Are you in a high class gated community or something? I never heard of such a thing.

    I hope they cut you some slack since you guys are newbies.

    Love thy neighbor, right?

  2. Amylia--I dunno, I think he was just trying to look out for us. He seems like a well-meaning guy. It's not gated or anything, but most of the townhouses here are owned by the people who live in them. There are definitely a few rental places, but we certainly want to take care of this place as if we owned it.

  3. It's probably good he let you know about the trash--in our neighborhood, if you don't adhere to all the "trash standards" you can actually get ticketed by the city ($50 for leaving the emptied cans on the sidewalk too long!). While it can be totally annoying to have to deal with those neighborhood rules, it's what keeps situations like my parents' former neighbors (you remember them) from happening.


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