Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Just 5 more! And other numbers.

5 more posts, and I reach 100 posts. What? I don't believe it.

190 = number post-workout today.

1 = number of workouts so far this week, but I plan on 2 more.

140 = number post-workout today.

2 = number of pills taken today thus far, as well as the number of Symlin shots today thus far.

6 = number of recruiters who have called me in regards to my resume.

0 = number of calls I've returned thus far. Having worked in the recruiting industry before, I know not all of these people are going to have the job I'm looking for, let alone ACTUALLY have a job at all. Sometimes they have a job that might be coming up, but it never goes through. Some people are just calling me because I have administrative experience, so they're actually looking for a secretary or an admin assistant, which, in general business definitions, I am NOT. Sure, I can type letters and correspondence, and I can learn just about anything I need to do, but I know very little about Excel, databases, or making travel arrangements. I'm keeping tabs on who calls me and where they're from, then I check out their companies online and make a decision. I'll have some calls to make tomorrow.

0 = also, the number of minutes I have left to keep typing this entry. Matt is tapping his foot, waiting for me to go change clothes so we can go to his co-worker's house for dinner. It's a cooking party, everybody is making something at this person's house. It's a Mediterranean theme dinner, and Matt signed us on to make spinach pie. I have NO experience with phyllo dough or fresh spinach. This should be an adventure. My husband is hoping I'll go change clothes now so we can leave. I guess I'll be nice to him. :)

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  1. Hmmm...I'm curious how your spinach pie went. I LOVE spinach pie.

    Hope you find the right job for yourself, and that you don't have to waste too much energy on the wrong fits!


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