Monday, November 26, 2007

Home Sweet Yuppietown Home

Finally, the time to breathe has arrived once again. Since the middle of last week, the following things have happened, and I feel that I've had ZERO time to write about any of them in-depth. Here's a list post for you instead, haha:

1. I found a dress to wear to the Christmas party! Thank goodness for the local Fashion Bug store! A bonus of this is that it cost me under $50, it's sparkly, and it makes me look like I have a waist.

2. Now I'll need to buy shoes.

3. Some jerk backed into my car while I was waiting in the drive-thru at McDonalds. Is this what I get for wanting a Double Cheeseburger when there's a perfectly good can of soup in my pantry? Usually my karma isn't that bad. An extremely nice, shiny, black Acura backed right into my passenger side, leaving an ugly scrape at the bottom of my fender and halfway across my rear passenger door. Luckily, my little Saturn is made of plastic, so it didn't dent. Unluckily, the guy who hit me was not polite enough to stop and survey the damage to my own car or his. I parked after he hit me, grabbed my insurance card and walked to where his car HAD been parked. It was now turning onto the main road, driving out of sight. I cried. I called my mom and asked for advice. I called my insurance company anyway, so now I go to a body shop Wednesday morning to get an estimate on what it will take to make my car look decent again.

4. Pump supplies should be arriving this week! Thank goodness for smooth transitions to new insurance companies.

5. No word yet on my Wellbutrin refill. Apparently this is a drug requiring "prior approval" or something from my new insurance company. Hopefully they figure this out in the next couple of days. I don't want to have panic attacks at the end of the week because I've run out of medication.

6. Thanksgiving was fun, and full of waaay too many carbs that were tasty and delicious. I think I handled it the best that I could, even though family stuff is stressful these days. How so?

A. My Uncle John is doing better and has moved into a group home setting. He is free to come and go as he pleases, but apparently he regularly goes out in the evening and comes back drunk. He's started smoking again, too. My mom is still very stressed about his situation, and she is worried his behavior will get him kicked out of the home. This is completely understandable, but I also really feel for my uncle. It must be incredibly difficult to go from being stubborn and extremely independent to being stubborn and limited in what you can do/where you can go. There is talk of getting him to go to a therapist, and I hope that he will, and I hope that he can take it seriously. Things will never go back to the way he'd want them to be, and that has to be one of the hardest things he's ever had to accept.

Ultimately, he may only have a short time left, and I want him to be happy. He cries sometimes while he's telling stories about his life, and I don't want to end up crying telling the same exact stories way sooner than necessary.

B. Got to hear some interesting banter between my mother-in-law and her fiancé--turns out sometimes getting an annulment from the Catholic church isn't an easy process. I'm not clear on why my m-i-l needs an annulment, though, since she was already divorced prior to becoming Catholic, and she was never married in a Catholic church. Anybody care to shed some light on this for me?

C. Got to meet my father-in-law's fiancé's parents. They seemed like nice, chatty people, so even if they are fans of Bill O'Reilly, I won't hold it against them. Nobody turned the conversation to politics, and we had a delightful time eating fried turkey, petting my f-i-l's fat pet cat, and playing Cranium.

D. My mom is having health issues. Some relating to hormones, some relating to her knee, and some relating to the nasty Staph infection she's been battling for the past several weeks. Add to this the stress of my uncle's finances, dealing with my grandparents, and trying to pass her insurance license test even though she doesn't seem to care much about it...well, I'm definitely worried about her. Anybody know a nice way to suggest to someone that you're worried about their mental health, and that they may want to consider finding a new therapist? Mom's last therapist apparently passed away from a heart attack sometime after she stopped needing to see him. Yikes.

E. My brother-in-law is applying to colleges. It seems like only yesterday he was camped out under that table in Matt's old house, spying on us whenever we came over after a date. He was probably 9 or so, and the most memorable of these occasions was the time he chose to spy on us with binoculars. They peeked out from under the table cloth of the side table in the kitchen, and if we'd yell at him, he'd just pull them under. Two minutes later, they were out again. Incredibly hilarious, even to this day.

So that's sort of the skinny on my Thanksgiving weekend. My dear hubby needs his computer back, though, so I guess I'll let him in. He's not feeling very well, but surprisingly, I haven't caught his cold yet. Maybe it's the Airborne I've been taking, which is sugar-free and has kind of a pleasant flavor, unlike sugar-free Cold-Eeze. Yuck-o. Time to go relax!

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  1. OMG! Binoculars and spying--too funny! Damn--are they growing up too fast because I sure don't feel any older or more grown up! tee hee

    thanks for the update. sorry about the family stuff--that's something i am afraid of with coming back home--all the family stuff will catch up with me, esp. since i'll be living above my ailing grandparents at least to start with, not to mention my mom, whom i love dearly, but is an active alcoholic.

    hmmm...sometimes taiwan, you are not looking so bad afterall. :)


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