Friday, November 16, 2007

Clothes Horse.

So, I was unsure what to talk about today, since I was lazy and don't really have any adventures or weird health bits to discuss.'s a confession.

I LOVE makeover shows. And, well, not all of them, but I definitely used to be obsessed with Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and now I'm crazy about What Not to Wear.

I like shopping, and I'm not sure where I got that from, because Lord knows my parents both hate it, and I don't think any of my other relatives are keen on it either. I enjoy it, as frustrating as it can be sometimes. As a plus-size lady who is shaped in what seems to be an odd manner, that is, bigger on top than on the bottom, I have issues finding clothes sometimes. Part of this could just be that women's clothing makers are insane. I swear.

How come men get to walk into a US store and their clothes are sized on inches, so they're uniform? I can buy a size 16 in pants at Old Navy, yet I have a pair of shorts from Fashion Bug that are a 20. Generally I come in around an 18 or so. Shirt sizes are bigger, and really annoying. For example, I used to buy all my t-shirts at Target, but they changed their sizing ranges. So what used to be a 22/24 and perfect is now a 20/22 and small. Thanks, jerks.

So I need to find a dress for this Christmas party that's coming up. I was eyeing the dress above today on I have some others I've seen around that I hope will work out. I might be buying some stuff this weekend. I'm a shopper, and not sure how or why, but it makes me happy most days.

And really, I'm into fashion in general. I don't have to be wearing the best designers or super-trendy, and sometimes I don't give a crap what I look like, but generally, I want to look nice. And websites that snark about it are fun. Admit it.

I like Go Fug Yourself, and you probably will too if you enjoy looking at the "Worst Dressed List" of any Hollywood event.

For the plus-sized gals out there, my friend CJ pointed me in the direction of Manolo for the Big Girl, which is a blog all about plus-sized fashion stuff.

And a place I could likely do a ton of holiday shopping this year is, which is like a super-cool internet craft extravaganza. Everything you can buy on the site is handmade. For example, my friend Ciara makes some really fun Domo-Kun cat toys. (And if you don't know why this makes a hilarious cat toy, you should click this, please.)

And of course, all lovers of fashion, and reality shows about it, should rejoice, as the new season of Project Runway started tonight. I, of course, missed it, but I'm sure it could be on again at midnight or something, or some odd time that I'm watching TV tomorrow. Oh, Tim Gunn, I wonder if it's possible that you are my inner motivational speaker (to swipe a phrase from Kerri)...when things go wrong, I hear you saying, slightly disappointed yet still encouraging, "Make it work."

Just like I made this blog entry work. Stay fabulous, dear readers.


  1. Hannah, I used to love Queer Eye, too! My oh so kind high school students a few years back kindly told me that they should nominate me for "What Not to Wear," which is funny b/c I always thought I had decent style. Ahahaha.

    I like the dress! Fun! It looks like would accent my least favorite area on myself--my middle/arse--so I don't think I could swing it, but it looks so cute!

  2. Hannah, I feel your pain about being bigger on top than on the bottom. But unlike you I hate shopping. That is why I have the problem of buying in bulk. If one shirt fits I buy it in all 5 colors, because I do not want to ever come back to go through the pain of trying things on again.

    Project Runway is seriously the best show ever. I think the cast of designers this season has the perfect mix of talent and crazy.

    (Tim Gun, Tim Gun, if he calls your name your done... What happened to Andre???)

  3. Hannah - Tim Gunn is a PERFECT motivational speaker. Perfect. Now you must stop being so cool... :P

    I LOVE What not to Wear and Project RW. And, as you know, I'm crazy about fashion. But fashion makes me crazy too. I want to know how I can have clothes in my closet ranging from an 8 to a 14 that all fit EXACTLY the same. That's four sizes difference... WTF? And when I was wearing plus sizes, the range was 14 to 18 - WTF? I don't understand it. At. All.

    I LOVE that dress.

    Amazon has some cute dresses out right now...


    And Baby Girl Boutique has quite a selection of plus-size stuff... Here:

    On occasion, when I wore a plus size, I found things at SWAK designs - - but I don't see a whole lot on there now.

    Finally - try Another pretty cool boutique my friend Myra turned me onto!!!

    And I love that dress.

    Talk soon.

  4. Hannah- I love PR and What Not to Wear. I hate to admit in college I would try and go out after What Not to Wear was over because I didn't want to miss it. And PR this season looks to be AWESOME.

    (I love when Santino did the Tim Gunn, Let's get some cheese biscuits at Red Lobster, Andre)

    Dress is super cute, BTW!

    :o) Allison

  5. Cute dress! I don't like shopping because I must try absolutely everything on, and most of it doesn't end up fitting.

    Haha Jillian I do the same thing!

  6. Amylia--I was wondering about its effects on my midsection. A close up of the picture leads me to believe its either got an empire waist or kinda-short princess seams, which usually work to give me an illusion of actually having a waist!

    Jillian--I totally also buy in bulk when I find an item I love, because generally, someone will stop making it unless I buy three to five of them.

    Nicole--Thanks for the tips. I'm totally checking them out right now.

    Allison--The best part of not having a job is that WNTW comes on at noon when I'm having lunch!

    Lili--Oh, the shopping can be so downright frustrating! However, I keep going back for more. I can't decide if this means I'm a stickler for quality or a glutton for punishment!

  7. I hate shopping. Stuff NEVER fits me. I'm not just different sizes top and bottom, my belly is a different size from my hips width-wise which are a different size than my ass front-to-back wise. Anyways... it's not just between different stores, it's within the same store! Some of the Lane Bryant pants I have in size 16 are falling off me, others are uncomfortably tight.

    I also hate being in between sizes. I have these pants I love and wear to work pretty much every day, they're too big now (high blood sugars and not absorbing insulin will do that to ya! too bad everyone thinks i look GREAT when really I am exercising less and sick/having starving cells more, shows you how our culture assumes losing weight is always positive, i hate that bullshit). I tried to go buy the next size smaller, and I can zip them (barely) but I feel like the buttons are gonna pop off at any second. But the size I have is clearly too big and I don't think my coworkers appreciate seeing my undies.

  8. I LOVE GO FUG YOURSELF!!!!! That is one of my all-time favorite sites.

    And the world of womens' clothes sizing is ridiculous. The dress you posted is very pretty. One of my best friends has some trouble finding clothes that she feels comfortable in and she lends towards two-piece outfits pretty often in order to be able to look best-dressed. The bridesmaid dress she ordered for my wedding is in two pieces and she looks STUNNING.

    I can't wait to see what you find for the party. :)


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