Monday, November 19, 2007


Yup, I saw it.

Yup, it was both gorey and three-dimensional.

All in all, it was fun.

I wouldn't call it good, but fun.

What kind of crappy movies do you like to watch? I guess I use the term "crap" loosely, since I think a lot of people expect me to be the intellectual movie watcher.

However, I like Japanese horror, zombie flicks, and kung fu movies. I'm looking forward to seeing "Hitman" when it comes out, but I don't expect it to be great cinema. I also love "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar".

'Fess up, blog-o-spheres!!


  1. I like Hugh Grant movies, even though I can't stand him in "real life." I like cheesy Lifetime movies full of drama and bad acting, and I love me some comedy like "Tommy Boy."

  2. Oh gees I love MOVIES!

    From Pulp Fiction to The Color Purple to The Princess Bride to Purple Rain. I love the Last, Starfighter and Samurai but not Unicorn. The Goonies, Gremlins, Griswolds, Ewoks, Munchkins, Hobbits, but not Jar Jar. I like to cry, think, laugh, and have fun at movies. If it is boring eye candy with no substance then I will stay home and watch TV. TV is bubble gum for my brain which I need too but movies cost too much so I expect more!

    Whew, was that enough of an explaination? LOL


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