Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Thank You Cat_Macros community on Livejournal...

1. Not sure why they call them "macros". It's not like it's some functional part of a program or anything.

2. If you want to subject yourself to more (and you know you wanna) go here.

3. I love bringing my readers the funny stuff. Whee!


  1. Anonymous8:01 PM

    My favorite is http://www.stuffonmycat.com. Yes, the whole website is about people putting things on their cats - subsections for 'food on my cat', 'appliances on my cat', etc. Love the diabetes tribute on this one though!

  2. Hannah! Go to my blog to see the post on OCapalooza! Can you come? I didn't realize you lived so close. You should come, you should come! Email me asap if you're coming so I can put you down for the reservations!!

    Have to, have to, have to.

  3. That is awesome. I love the funny stuff. BRING ON MORE!!!

  4. Cats make me grin. Foolishly. :)


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