Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Mrs. You and Me

I'm a married woman now!

I'd love to tell you more about it, but my day is going to be busy. Gotta get my name changed at the Social Security office, gotta go get a new Drivers' License, gotta return Matt's tux (which apparently they wanted back yesterday so now we're being charged extra...grrr).

I keep looking at my left hand. I keep wondering how the heck I'm supposed to fit all these new housewares into my kitchen.

I also keep putting off call my endo's office. I missed an appointment with the nurse practicioner last week to prepare for wedding stuff and a job interview. I think they'll understand. Now that one big stressor is out of my life, maybe I can go back to focusing on my diabetes. And getting a job. And cleaning this apartment.

I've got more to say. It'll just have to wait until I've accomplished a bunch of other stuff.


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  2. Congrats on getting married. Yeah the running around changing name stuff is a bit of a chore, esp with things like passport and drivers license. I had my passport done early - so I could fly on honeymoon in married name, but they didn't post date it, so for a month before I had proof of two names!!!

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  4. Congratulations to you! Here's to many, many happy years.


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