Friday, August 25, 2006

Under Construction--Body And Blog

I am trying to embrace the idea of the d-blog, and by embrace, I mean remembering that I have this thing, and that I should use it! I want to share my stories with people and keep some kind of log of my progress.

Trying to learn Blogger is turning out to be more than I can handle in short snippets in between reading resumes for work. I think I need to spend some quality evening time on the site to figure out just how this thing should look. It seems to be a good time for change. Layout changes, link changes, etc.

It's also a time for "me" changes. I need to get back to the gym regularly--it's just Curves, after all, not a scary kind of gym. I need to not be so afraid to use other infusion sites for my pump, those old reliables are a little busted now for a reason (scar tissue).

I want to rebuild a tolerance and give Symlin a second try. It was working nicely until it started making me feel gross, and then I just kind of quit and messed it all up. When I tried to start on it again, well...bleh. I don't care how good my blood sugars are, I can't adjust to feeling like I'm going to barf all afternoon while I'm supposed to be working.

I'm getting married in just about a month, and I have to realize while we've got a great partnership going on, and he's the most helpful, most patient person when it comes to the diabetes, this is mine to deal with. My problem. My disease, chronic illness, ailment, curse, whatever you want to call it.

It's mine. And it doesn't go away when I'm not looking.

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