Thursday, August 3, 2006

This is where it's going to start.

I don't want to be one of those people who only uses their personal blog to catalog their maladies, plus it's not helping anyone if I keep it all to myself.

I've had diabetes since I was 8, when I was diagnosed Type 1. Now I'm 24, a college grad, a soon-to-be-wed with a steady job that has terrific health benefits (thank God).

My last HbA1c? 10.1. Not good. T3h sUX0rZ, as they say here on the intar-webs.

Today I went to see a nurse practitioner (as opposed to my usual endo), and there was good news. While my blood sugars are still raging waaaay above where they should be, I'm better.

Today's HbA1c result? 8.5. Yay! A huge disappointment to some, but a small victory for me.

That's a part of why I'm starting this blog. I've been reading up on other d-bloggers, and I love the feeling of support I get just from checking out a web page. Other people out there are living crazy lives with diabetes, and when I read about them, suddenly I'm not alone.

And you there, reading this're not alone either. Thanks for checking this out. Let's make this something sweet...but you know, not like saccharine. That's just gross.

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  1. Hi Hannah,

    Found your blog from over at Kerri's place.

    Welcome to the OC!

    I too struggle with my A1C's, and it can be very frustrating for me. I feel like I'm working so hard, spending so much energy, and when I'm confident that my A1C will be better - I get smacked in the head with something HIGHER. Urg.

    I enjoyed reading your first post, and will check out the rest shortly.

    Take care!


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