Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Never Knowing

There's a person I follow on Twitter, and he's one of those people who posts at least two Tweets on the hour, every hour during the day.  He's got some good information and interesting personal stories, he likes to focus a lot on the oft-ignored effects of diabetes on mental health.  All good, right?

I suppose.

However, this guy makes me question myself all the time.  Many things that happen to me that I chalk up to depression, anxiety, or career-related ennui could potentially, according to things he says, be merely diabetes related.  Maybe this is supposed to serve as a relief to some people, but for me I am finding this unnervingly stressful.

If I snap at someone for no reason, can I just blame my bad blood sugars?  If things seem to be bothering me more than they would bother a normal person, can I just blame my diabetes?  Do I even need to see a therapist at all when I feel overwhelmed?  Would a perfect A1C just make me a happier person overall?

If what you say is true, Mr. Twitter Man, have I been doing it wrong all of these years?  

Because that's every diabetic's favorite thing to hear, right?  That we're doing it wrong and if we just stop doing (xyz) everything will be so much better.

I am irritated because I know there has to be some truth in what this guy is saying, and I'm sure he's not intending to make his fellow PWD feel bad about themselves.

There is a reason that the 'Unfollow' button exists, but what am I losing or gaining by clicking it?