Thursday, September 12, 2013

Invisible Illness Awareness Week 2013: I Choose to Be Bold.

Flawless selfie. Aww yeah.
I can get up on a stage and spill my guts.

I can put my original writings up to the judgement of random audience members.

I can blog candidly about living with diabetes.

I can pull off bright lipstick.

I can wear stripes even though I'm over a size 16.

I can confess to you that I wear over a size 16.

I can go out with no makeup.

I can use my skin as a canvas.

I can love whomever I choose.

I can crack jokes about having chronic illness.

I can make one hell of a baked ziti.

I can be an administrative assistant.

I can be a writer.

I can be an artist.

I can be a communications professional.

I can have friends across the massive spectrum of shapes, sizes, colors, orientations, tattoo patterns, hair colors, genders and sexualities, and they are all awesome.

I can hug with the best of 'em.

I can give myself an injection in a moving vehicle.

I can prick my finger and test my blood sugar at the table in the restaurant, because I'm prepared with a statement if somebody is uncomfortable.

I can often do better.

I can acknowledge that I'm only human.

I can live just as well, and possibly just as long, as someone without invisible illness.

I can do this on my own terms.

I choose to be bold.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Friends, I have been trying to get my official dot-com up and running again instead of using this freebie Blogspot address.  Blogspot is all well and good, and much more credible as a web address than it was seven years ago when I started this blog, but just has such a pleasant ring to it.

So my domain name expired, and Google made it pretty difficult to just renew it through them.  I hadn't set up autopay, so they wanted me to log in to my Google Apps account.  Google Apps, for what I needed it for, was no longer free.  I did some reading and decided to get a new domain name host.

I chose GoDaddy for decent reviews and overall affordability.  I was happy about this decision.

I still haven't gotten back on the net, except for a Google 404 page with a cute little robot on it.

I'm not a web designer (beyond a WYSIWYG editor), and I sadly have not yet learned to code.  I'm not sure how to fix my issue here, mostly because I'm not sure what the issue is.  I've followed a couple of sets of directions to the T, and still, Adorable Googlebot says Adorable 404.

Do any of you have experience connecting your Blogspot name to your domain?  Admittedly, I can spend more time on the phone with GoDaddy customer service about this, but I always think of these problems in the middle of the day at work when I can't spend all afternoon on the phone with GoDaddy customer service.  If anybody has any tricks or easy solutions for me, I'm all ears.

Professionally speaking, I need to get back on my feet with all of my writing, blog included.  Having my own shiny URL makes things feel more important to me.  Thanks in advance for your suggestions.