Friday, June 28, 2013

Working Out for T1D[ummies]

Confession: I hate exercise.

Hate is probably too strong a word here, but I've always been an indoor dweller, a book reader, a laptop junkie.  For me, part of it just comes along with being a writer.  If I've got an idea, I want to be sitting somewhere committing it to paper or hard drive, not jogging along the street forgetting my next big idea before I even get home.

My ankles swell up on a regular basis.  It's one thing I truly dislike about my body.  It's hard to find a way to love a trait that makes shoe-shopping difficult.  It's hard to get the motivation to go out for walks when you feel too uncomfortable. 

I can't be the only person who doesn't like working out; however, I've come to a conclusion.  I've got to move this body.  I went to my regular (non-endocrinologist) doctor yesterday, and told her I'm concerned about some occasional pains in my knee.  It's also making a rather unpleasant crunchy noise when I go downstairs.  There are bad knees all over my family history.  "Strengthen your quads," said my doc.  "It'll help that a lot."

And so, I need to move it, move it.  And I need to move it, move it for not a lot of money.  I have a smaller living room now, so getting a Kinect or doing Just Dance on the Wii is not as feasible an option as it once was.  This is a shame because dancing is really my favorite form of aerobic exercise. The cruel irony of being out of shape is I can't dance as long as I want to!

I don't know how to ride a bike.

I don't mind walking, but I hate running.  Maybe if I were in better shape I'd like running, but I'm not a "push through the pain and keep your body going!!" kind of woman. 

And let's be honest--summer is upon us, and though I could go walking in my neighborhood, it's going to be hot.  Summer is my least favorite season.  I am less likely to do a ton of walking outside in the summer because I just find it oppressive.  Again, I'm not the greatest at pushing myself to do unpleasant, physically laborious tasks.

So how do you guys do it?  I really want some input here from the former-lazypantses among my readers.  Even if you are a fitness guru, I'd love to hear from you.

Is it hard to get into yoga?  Am I going to spend a fortune if I want to find a gym with a pool?  Ultimately, here's what I want:  be in better shape, strengthen everything, get my flexibility back.

Is a FitBit or other tracker worth my money?  Any decent apps that are free or cheap?

Also, there's a Planet Fitness near me.  Are they serious with their $10 a month membership?  That's sounding like a tempting option.

Let's throw our thoughts back to the early 80's:  Let's get physical, physical.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DOMA No...Ma?

I will stand and say that not all the fights are over, some of the battles haven't even started, and most of us know that as a country, we still have a long way to go for true equality.

But with that being said, this blogger is elated that DOMA is overturned, that Prop 8 was struck down, and that many of my loved ones are hopefully on their way to being recognized as the equal persons, partners, and citizens I know them to be. 

This won't completely fix or eliminate problems, but it's a damn strong talking point when we need to address them.

Great job with this one, SCOTUS.  Love wins.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Diabetes Bargains: the DIY Insulin Pump Cozy


Socks.  They are versatile.  They keep your feet warm & dry.  They can be a marvelous fashion statement.  They make fantastic puppets.  But what else can they do?

As many of you know by now, I've got a Tandem T:Slim insulin pump.   I tend to wear my pump in my bra when I'm wearing dresses, and of course, my CDE recommended against wearing the screen-side of the pump against my skin.  It's no big deal to make sure it's turned the right direction, but it's summer.  You may have been taught that women don't sweat, but honey, some of us do.  So, much like keeping my feet dry and happy, I have turned to socks to keep my pump dry, soft and happy. 

Sure, you can buy a bra pouch for $10 or more, but I've gone the thrifty (not to mention more colorful) route.  At a discount store, I purchased a pack of 6 pairs of infant socks for about $4.  That's 12 pump covers, people! 

Granted, we may not all have the cleavage necessary to pack a pump into a bra without anyone noticing, but certainly this is a practice that could be adapted to all kinds of people, regardless of gender, age, or chest size.

The steps are simple.  Open pack of socks.  Insert pump into single sock.  Stuff into bra, pocket, TummieTote, whatever!  It's a quick and easy cover, and a cheap layer of protection.  If you're handy with sewing, you could probably put some velcro on the sock opening as well to keep things more secure. 

I'm enjoying this little discovery of mine.  It might work for you too.  It's a near perfect size for the Tandem.  Check out some photos!

Yes I have owls and little woodland creatures on my sheets. They're adorable. Anyway, check the fit!  And yes, I have them in blue as well as a bunch of other colors.

The T:Slim and an infant sock: well-sized for each other. Also, keeps your touchscreen and your entire pump out of the way of sweat when you want it close to your skin. Unrelated: I named that pink owl Nervert because he's obviously over-caffeinated and twitchy.