Monday, February 25, 2013

Seriously, How Do People Do It?

This post is mostly crowdsourcing...for me, and for you! 

I'm stressed out.  I haven't been on my Dexcom in weeks because I feel like it's just one more thing to worry about.  A large part of the stress is work, which also translates into work apathy.  Another part of the stress is looking for a new place to live.  Yup, we're planning on moving very soon.  We want to be closer to Philadelphia than where we are now in the suburbs.  This means rental-hunting and lots of considerations and list-making and deposit payments and--you get the point.

When you don't have a lot of time to relax, what do you do to unwind?  Can you relax and be productive at the same time?

Right now, when I get home from work, I just want to veg out.  However, in my vegetative "eat dinner and watch 2 hours' worth of Girls" state, I am still stressing because of all the work I'm not doing.  Didn't put clean dishes away first.  Could be cleaning the bathroom.  Could be folding laundry while watching TV except the couch needs to be vacuumed because of all the crumbs left by the kid I babysat.  I feel like I am full of excuses and zero motivation!  This is why I turn to you, friends and readers.

Let's have a discussion about beating stress, because for me, it sends my blood sugars to the moon, and when I last checked, my BG has not undergone astronaut training.


  1. I plan for at least of hour of video gaming before I sleep. It's my allowed unproductive veg out time and I claim it keeps me sane. :-)

  2. Well, I'm guilty of too much stress - and I don't recommend the extra glass of wine route because it rarely helps!
    What little things I do: I listen to podcasts in my car during commute - always start with "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me", then This American Life, The Moth, Science Fridays, Stuff you should know... I load up my iPod on Sunday night and I can laugh and learn things while I drive (which always seems like a huge waste of time during my week!). Also, on evenings where I know I'll OCD I just pick one thing to "accomplish" so I can feel I was productive. And I make a lot of lists (and add stuff I already did so I can cross them off! it works for me).


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