Friday, March 9, 2012

More Test Strips in the Wild, Courtesy of My Mom

My mom texted this photo to me to say she found this test strip under the dining room table at her house.  What she could not capture was the random test strip she then found out in her driveway.  She picked it up and discovered it was a BD strip.  I haven't used BD strips in like five years, and she doesn't have a BD meter, so where did it come from?  Where?!  I am beginning to wonder if the same universal goblins that steal single socks are the same ones who take test strips and deposit them in random places.  Anyway, thanks Mom, for reading and for taking pictures!


  1. You haven't used BD strips in like five years because they haven't MADE them in like five years (they're called NovoMax now)! I can't imagine where it came from.

    But the good thing about free-range test strips is that there's enough residual blood for a DNA test, and you could identify the parent who recklessly abandoned it. Maury Povich should do a show on that.

  2. "Sock Goblins with Diabetes!" has GOT to be made into a graphic novel or something.

  3. hahahahaha, you're comment greeting is probably the best i have ever seen! haha

    love, rach.


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