Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from Dorkabetic!

This is just a friendly holiday reminder to count those carbs!  Also, be sensible.  My middle school years led to me sneaking candy for a month or so after Halloween.  (Sorry, Mom.  I guess I was secretive in my rebellion.) 

Our very good friend Shelaine has a 4-year-old son, and this year he is dressing up as Teen Wolf.  Yep, Michael J. Fox Teen Wolf.  How he came up with this, I am not exactly sure, because I don't think he's seen any of the movies.  All this got me thinking of Halloween costumes from my past, and a friend of mine was posting photos of vintage vinyl costumes on Facebook all day today.  I remembered my personal favorite (and probably last) vinyl Halloween costume.  She-Ra, Princess of Power

You don't see vinyl Halloween costumes anymore.  You never really looked all that cool while wearing one, at least not here on the East Coast, because it would be pulled over a couple of layers of clothing, and you'd get all sweaty behind that plastic mask.  For the record, though, that cape was in my dress-up rotation for a while.

Anyway, She-Ra was way cooler than most princesses, more badass than Disney offerings, and had a lot more in common with Xena, Warrior Princess and Wonder Woman.  Fighting crazy baddies with a sword, being the leader of a rebel alliance AND finding love?  Seriously, that's a princess.  (Bonus DOC points: she rides on a winged unicorn!)

This costume was pre-diabetes...Halloween with the big D came about 3 years later.  In my mind, I am still leading rebellions, waving a sword around, and saving the day.  Oh, and I totally want this:

For the honor of f**king Greyskull,  I think YOU may have the power until I own this shirt.

 Happy Halloween, everybody!  What's your favorite costume from your past?

Han-Nah, Princess of Pumping


  1. I had a kick ass plastic Wonder Woman costume! And you are right, man did they make my face sweat!!! But what I wouldn't give to have that costume and the box! I shall have to scan the picture of my 6 year old bad self in it. I rocked.

  2. I know my brother was vinyl He-man one year, so I wouldn't be surprised if I went as She-ra to match.

    We were in NY so we would have been pretty young, so I don't actually remember. :P

  3. Anonymous12:41 AM

  4. awesome post! i totally coveted those plastic costumes in a box, but since i was heavy into dance competitions during my peak trick-or-treating years, my parents always made me wear my old dance costumes, which rarely created any discernible character.

    it's been more fun watching my kid come up with her own costumes over the years. :)

    rock on she-ra!


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