Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tales of the Type 3

I'm sure Matt could relate all kinds of stories to you.  We have been dating since high school, so he has never known me as a person without diabetes.  I've said it before, but I will say it again:  Matt is a terrific partner.  He brings me juice or glucose tabs when I'm low, water when I'm high and thirsty.  I can count on him to help me when I request it, but he does not nag me when I'm not requesting it.  He knows the most important things to have on any trip we take are my pump supplies.  Anything else could be purchased in another place.  (I'm talking domestic travel here...neither of us has gotten a passport yet, though I would like to go to Europe someday maybe.)

But what I've never really asked him is how he feels to be my Type 3.  He's the one who finds test strips in the shower drain.  He keeps the garlic and sticks of butter crammed into the butter compartment along with my insulin.  He's the one who puts up with all of my silly commentary about his blood sugar when he drinks a gallon of water then has to pee a lot all day, or my remarks about how I should just test his sugar for fun when his finger is bleeding after a particularly hard night of guitar playing. 

Honestly, he always answers that last one with, "If you want to."

One time, during some time we spent apart for work purposes, Matt told me he had found a test strip in his shoe.  He was entirely uncertain as to how it got there, but he said it made him miss me.  I guess that's kind of a bizarre but sweet thing about accidentally dropping medical wastes everywhere you go. 

Basically, this is how you know you are important to me:  by finding test strips on your floors, by finding bits of insulin pump supply garbage in your trash can, by asking me if I could maybe leave some emergency supplies at your place just in case I'd need them when I come over.  This is how I know you truly care about me.  That night you brought me a juice on the front porch at the bar because I could feel myself dropping fast, and you could tell something was wrong?  That was perfect.  You remembered to have some kind of diet drink or unsweetened tea at your party?  You didn't ask if I should be eating/drinking that if I was pouring the Coke Classic while holding a cupcake?  That was fantastic.  To every Type 3 in my life, whether you know that you are or not, I am thankful for the love I get from you despite, and even because of, having diabetes.

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  1. Awww, I love this! I love that the test strip in his shoe made him miss you - and I especially love that whole last paragraph. :)

  2. Matt's caring has brought me a huge smile.
    Thanks for telling us about him!

  3. Awww your Matt sounds so sweet! I'm glad he is in your life Hannah.
    And my word verify was 'chickle' which totally made me smile.


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