Friday, August 6, 2010

Free Verse Friday #1 - The Dynamic Duo

As many of you know, I write a lot.  I also LOVE poetry slams, and I've been a member of two National Poetry Slam teams.  In fact, NPS 2010 is happening this week in St. Paul, MN.  If it hasn't sold out already, go check out the finals on Saturday night!  Semi-Finals are tonight, and rumor has it Garrison Keilor is making an appearance before tonight's Group Piece final competition.  Man, I wish I were in Minnesota right now with my poet pals!

But it occurs to me that many of you out there have never been to a poetry slam, or you have no idea what spoken word poetry is about, and so, in the spirit of showing you yet another side of me, I bring you Free Verse Fridays!  Here are two amazing poet pals of mine, Ken Arkind and Panama Soweto performing one of my favorite pieces of theirs.  I've had the privilege of playing Sega Genesis and eating string cheese with these guys in my Delaware apartment.  A poetry night in my living room--one of my favorite memories in Delaware.  :)


  1. ARGH! I keep trying to leave comments and it keeps telling me it's failed. *sigh* So if you have multiple comments from me; sorry about that. This time I'll try using my Google account instead of my Wordpress account.

    Anywho; I thought this was absolutely HYSTERICAL! I love love love that they talked about the shortcut on the old-school Nintendo controllers to get extra lives. Bringing me back to my childhood there :)

    And I totally dug the beat-boxing version of the Mario brothers theme song. I was totally grooving along.

  2. That was tight.

    I could get into watching that stuff, and would have LOVED to have an expert poetry diva and her crew to roll with. Next time anything like that comes to MN, please let me know.


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