Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Will Write for Bylines, Food, Permalinks, etc.

Blog readers and fellow bloggers, I am trying to accumulate some writing clips.

Do you need a guest poster? Are you looking for an article for your site? I am looking for anybody who is looking for some writing. You might happen to know that I'm looking to change up my career path. Well, in this change that I'm trying to orchestrate, I have realized that my most recent writing clip that I'm shopping around is 4 years old!

So if you find a particular post that I've made that would make a great clip to show a potential employer, please point it out to me. If you've got a quick writing job to offer, please let me know. I need practice to gain experience, and I know some of you out there might have some connections!

(kickass freelance writer in training)


  1. Kerri at sixuntilme wrote a bit back that she was interested in more guest posts, particularly to be posted around her due date.

  2. Hannah: Let me know what you're looking for in gathering clips. I'm in the journalism field myself and know the importance of having good, current clips in a portfolio! While I don't have any particular writing "jobs" to offer, I'd do whatever in having you guest write some for my blog, The Diabetic's Corner Booth. Let me know if there's a genre or field you're writing for and we can coordinate on it. If it's health or related, you might take a peek at possible freelance gigs for some trade magazines or even local niche papers that could offer something. Just some thoughts for you to try on.

  3. Have you contacted Kerri @ sixuntilme? she was looking for some guest blogs! Cherise @ diabetic_iz_me maybe also.


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