Monday, February 1, 2010

RSS, Yes, Oh Yes.

I need to pick an RSS reader for myself. I am thinking Google reader, since so many other things in my life are Google-related.

I am losing touch with everyone's blogs because I just don't have time to hop from web address to web address anymore, at least not without getting distracted. Any recommendations?

I miss you guys! And believe me, with an endocrinologist appointment coming up Friday, I'm going to need your support. Ever have to gear up for one of those appointments that you already know is going to be less-than-awesome? I am hoping for mediocre, rather than bad news.

If you see the good diabetes management wagon cruising around your neighborhood, ask the driver to throw me on if he comes my way.


  1. Anonymous7:16 PM

    reader all the way. you won't regret it a bit.

  2. Google Reader is fantastic! It's fast and easy-to-use. Definitely learn the keyboard shortcuts like J and K to flip through posts.

  3. I don't use an RSS reader b/c I actually like blog-hopping. (I'm old school. I also prefer saying "two thousand ten" instead of "twenty ten." I am a loser, yes.)

    We miss you!! And I'm sending you warm and fuzzy solid-A1C vibes to you for Friday. I hate that emotional building up as endo appointments approach, so I'll also send calming vibes. :)

    Good luck on Friday!!

  4. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I use a Google Reader widget on my iGoogle homepage. All it does is list the post title, I click on it, and it goes to the blog. Pretty simple and I spend more time on people's blogs instead of in the Reader interface.

    Good luck on your A1c. It'll be fine. /hugs

  5. For diabetes blogs, for the longest time I just used Diabetes Headlines, because everyone I wanted to read was there anyway. I just scroll back until I hit where I left off.

    Nowadays, I've incorporated some of the D blogs into my RSS feed reader, which is Bloglines for me. But I still go to Headlines just to make sure I haven't missed anyone.

  6. Missing you too! I have to be honest, I read all blogs and comment from my iPhone. I have a cool RSS feed:) if I am on Twitter, someone retweets a post I copy and paste the link in my reader.

    Endo. It'll be ok. The bus is picking you up! You are still alive, right? You are doing fine:) keep your head up. Tweet if you need support:)


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