Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy D-Blog Day to the Diabetes Blog-o-verse!

So here it is, folks. It's D-Blog Day, that creatively invented holiday we diabetes bloggers celebrate with empowerment, bittersweetness, and fond memories of the first time we found, read, commented on and/or started a diabetes blog. I think so many of us came online searching for information or just someone who had a voice similar to ours, and instead we found a huge wealth of friendship, support, and stories that tell us we're not alone. We've all found that our daily struggles, while still somewhat unique, are not the misunderstood mysteries of days past. As diabetes bloggers and diabetes blog readers, we've all found a home here in the vast wilderness of the World Wide Web. Doesn't it feel great?

Here's to the future of d-blogs, their authors, their readers, the good they can do.

This coming Saturday is World Diabetes Day, and at the World Diabetes Day in Philadelphia event, I will be proud to host an information table on online support and resources for everyone affected by diabetes. While I've never been shy about performing or hosting events in public, I'm a little nervous about this one. People will be looking at me as an expert! Whoa! So, I have to thank everyone out there in the DiabetesOC for making this possible for me. The support, friendship and love I find through D-Blogs and communities is something I want to share with everyone now. And I will. And I can't wait to post some pictures from the event after it happens.

I believe that a blog can be a great tool for both empowerment and emotional outlet, and I'm so happy that I started reading DiabetesMine and SixUntilMe back in 2006, because I realized that I don't have to let diabetes run my life. Yet, when I feel like diabetes is trying to become some kind of dictatorship in my body, I can blog about it, feel better, get the virtual hugs I need. I can even learn something.

I can't really say for certain that the DiabetesOC has saved my life, but it has certainly made this life with diabetes feel a lot easier and more rewarding to live! Happy D-Blog Day to my fellow bloggers, readers, and lurkers!


  1. I can't wait to hear about the Philly event, Hannah. And great post - thanks for the shout out!

    Happy D-Blog Day, diva!!

  2. I am glad you are here Hannah. You are AWESOME!!!!!

  3. Happy Dblog Day!
    Here's to a great holiday this wonderful and amazing community of fighters and champions has embraced. Good luck on Saturday!

  4. I totally agree. I found Amy at DiabetesMine first and then the rest of the d-bloggers.
    Good luck on Saturday, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.

  5. Happy DBlog Day, Hannah! Good luck at the WDD event!

  6. Wishing you a great event! :) Happy to call you my DOC'er friend!

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    Greetings from Peru


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