Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Upcoming Young Adult Diabetes Retreat!

Thanks to my handy dandy email newsletter from Diabetes Health magazine, I discovered that there is a great opportunity for college-age and up young adults right here in the Philadelphia area!

Were I two years younger (like when I started this blog, for example...), I would totally be there. All you need to provide is your own travel costs and incidentals. Everything else is totally free! This sounds like it could be an amazing event for all of you who are 18-25, and it's being held on the campus of Villanova University, which is a really beautiful school. Amusingly enough, I drive through it when I head over to Gary's office.

(Where, um, I haven't been in quite some time, and that definitely needs to change. Perhaps I need a real blog post on that later.)

Come on, ya'll, when somebody actually offers you free food when you have diabetes, I always think that's a great idea. And it's not every day that it comes with free lodging and free seminars about living well with diabetes that are geared toward young adults! Check out some info by clicking this handy-dandy link right now.


  1. Anonymous5:30 PM

    I'm definiely sorry I can't take advantage of that offer.

    P.S. Hope to see you at Gary's June 3rd meeting.

  2. bah! i moved to texas right before i could go to this? craaap. i'd so be there if it wasnt 1500 miles away!


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