Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where in the World is [Hannah] Sandiego?

Have you been disappointed by the fact that I haven't blogged here all week?

Are you wondering what I've been up to?

Well, I've been the featured blogger on the Diabetes OC website this week! If you're not quite "in the know", the OC has nothing to do with that teen drama with a kickass soundtrack. OC = online community in this case. The Diabetes OC's claim to fame is that it's a one stop shop for finding diabetes blogs and websites. It's how I connected with so many of the excellent blogs I read now!

Anyway, my first post was about me and why I started a diabetes-related blog in the first place.

My second post was about being at work with diabetes.

My third and final post should hopefully go up today. It has been a hectic week at work, and I still managed to grind out 3 blog posts. I should think about that when I get lazy about blogging here at Dorkabetic. (Which, um, I have been guilty of lately. Oops.)

I think I am darn near fully recovered from my appendectomy. I am excited because in a short while, I will be taking yet another trip to the Chicago area for training for my job. They really like me--they like me so much, they want me to learn new things! Yay!

I have some things in mind that need to get posted. I hope they can go up next week. We'll see how hectic things get.

Also, I just got Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii. I am engrossed in the adorable, relatively girly awesomeness. Additionally, it's really fun to go into your neighbors' houses and open all their drawers. Anybody got a friend code? You're welcome to come visit the picturesque hamlet of Delamarf anytime. Why am I so into this game that is barely a game? I can't explain it. I will just leave you with an exchange between Matt and I from last evening:

Me: OH NO!!
Matt: What's wrong?
Me: Oh no! He needs help!
Matt: (running in from office) Who? What?
Me: (pointing at TV screen with Wii-mote) The little blue walrus! He needs my help because he's hungry! Awww, look, he's crying. Poor little walrus!
Matt: (patting me on the head) Well, babe, maybe you should find him something to eat.
Me: I probably should, but you don't care. You think I'm nuts.
Matt: I think you're cute, and I love you. Now feed the walrus, I'm going back to my computer.
Me: Okay. Maybe he can has a bukkit.


  1. OK, I was not going to buy this game but if you have it AND have the voice talky thing then I will get it! I will await your response.


  2. SuperG -- I don't have the voice chat thing. :( But we could do ghetto-voice-chat and you could call me, LOL. Or we could be on AIM and playing Wii at the same time.

  3. I have it for the ds. Diff. game so I guess we can't play.

  4. How leet would it be to play AC while using Team speak?

  5. LOL at the ghetto-voice-chat thing! Ha! That's great!

  6. type1emt--I also have AC for the DS! Unfortunately it's one of the cartridges that has been missing since I moved in October...I'll have to let you know when I find it.

    George--LOL is all I have to say about that.

    Scott--C'mon, you can picture me and George hollering at each other over cell phone speakerphone. And I, in turn, picture our spouses looking at us funny as they will be able to hear us taunting each other from the next room.

  7. Interesting blog......

  8. Sweet blog :). I'm passing on a little blog award to you over at my place. Looking forward to reading more.


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