Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Got Hit by the Holiday Truck


All I can say right now is ugh. It's that time of year when most people are hit by a truckload of happiness and good cheer. It's the holidays, after all. Yes, I too was feeling that way yesterday morning when I rolled into work at 9am. I gave my co-workers (all 4 of them) gifts, and I felt downright giddy that Christmas is finally here. I love being able to give people presents and to recognize how much they mean to me.

By 11:30am, it was a different story. At some point, a truckload of sick had pulled up and covertly backed right over me. Suddenly, I was achy, super-tired, and worst of all, feeling nauseous. Really nauseous. I can't tell you the number of times I travelled to the bathroom yesterday at work, whether anything happened, or I just bent over the toilet for a few minutes at a time, finding only a false alarm.

Also, my blood sugar seemed to be dropping pretty rapidly, so I drank an entire bottle of blue Gatorade. I was hoping to cut off my inevitable dehydration at the pass. I had gone from 118 to 94 in a matter of 15 minutes or so, and my last bolus had only been about an hour before that. I waited for the Gatorade to kick in and retested. 84. I disconnected my pump, found myself out of glucose tabs, and ate a couple packets of sugar instead. (Not as pleasant as I'd hoped it to be.)

Then (TMI ALERT, LOOK AWAY!) I went back to the ladies' room and barfed. Not so ladylike.

Still working through my misery, I went back to doing stuff. I warned my boss that I was feeling horrible and I might need to go home early. I am sometimes a disorganized person, though, and I had been slacking on my work for the week. I wanted to make sure everything was done, or at least close enough to done, before I left on my holiday vacation. The rest of the hours passed at an agonizingly slow pace. I was still disconnected from my insulin pump, and another check of my blood glucose revealed an 86. WTF? I thought to myself. These are the numbers people without diabetes have! Something really weird is going on.

Weird, indeed. My feelings of health, happiness and good cheer continued to go down the tubes. I had all kinds of stomach unpleasantness; I was hurting; I was super-duper-sleepy and probably came about thisclose to nodding off at my desk. (BG still at 97...disconnected for like 3 hours at this point! REALLY?!) I thankfully was able to stagger out of work at 5pm, and I made it home safely. Of course, I was incredibly unhappy about all of this because I then left my co-worker at work when she had planned on going home early. I really hate disappointing people, and I was doing just that.

Got home. Shed clothing. Checked BG again...84. Naptime. Husband got home, talked to him for awhile about how horrible I felt, how I know I have been letting down my co-workers with my disorganization then dealt them a double-blow with getting horribly sick. He told me I should just not worry about it for now. I should get some sleep, and just make sure I try not to worry over all our vacation time, that way I can start 2009 ready to kick ass. I like that theory. Then I slept some, woke up, checked my BG, which was 235 (finally? I'm sick, it should be high!), and promptly barfed again.

The past 24 hours have been horrible and draining. And let's not even get into how it's Christmas Eve, I'm still sick, and the presents aren't wrapped. At least today I can eat and drink without revisiting it all an hour later. My mom just called to tell me now she's sick as well, with what sounds like the exact same thing, and that there's been an ice storm in Williamsport. Of course, this was accompanied by its own directions of how to best get in the house, which are pretty hilarious if you picture someone actually doing them. It pretty much involves slinking behind the shrubs at the front of the house, directly in front of the living room window, then sidling up onto the front stoop and coming in the door.

Ugh. I am definitely still sick. I'm going to squeeze in another nap before Matt gets home and we need to hit the road.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, blogfriends! And also, specifically, best wishes for a Healthy Holiday!

*head hitting pillow, this is Dorkabetic, signing off*


  1. Oh man Hannah, major suckage to the max.

    Hope it passes quickly.

  2. Feel better Hannah!
    Merry Christmas Friend - and know that I am sending some positive Christmas vibes your way!

  3. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Hannah, sorry you're not doing well but hope you're better soon. Remember if bgs stay high kick up basals...happy holidays.

  4. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Hannah hope you are doing better.


  5. merry xmas , I feel bad for you but you can live normal life with diabetes , all you need to do is follow doctor's recommendations and fight with it darely


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